Zim splashes out US$200m in Sadc summit preps

President Mnangagwa has declared the drought a state of disaster as he appealed for US$3 billion to feed hungry Zimbabweans.
By Problem Masau Jul. 22, 2024

Muckracker: The discord for a third term

Critics were quick to pounce. Our owner, we were told, is a constitutionalist. The third-term narrative was created by the opposition to demonise our righteous and brave leader.
By Muckraker Jul. 19, 2024

It never rains but, it pours for Zimbabwe’s economy.

Compared to the US dollar, the value of the new ZiG currency is already decreasing.
By Dickson Chikwizo May. 17, 2024

Zanu PF’s touted third-term an untenable proposition

We have seen this in recent years in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia etc where relations between the incumbents and their predecessors are acerbic.
By Ntando Dumani Mar. 15, 2024

Women’s representation in the 10th Parliament: The metrics

As we celebrate women’s history month, it is imperative that we underscore the importance of women’s inclusion and representation.
By Phillip Nyasha Fungurai Mar. 14, 2024

Muckracker: Imagine ruling without an excuse for failure

“Well, this is massive. A great vindication of President Mnangagwa’s foreign policy,” Nick Mangwana posted, his excitement palpable.
By Muckracker Mar. 8, 2024

Remove Zidera, Industry pleads

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Mike Kamungeremu called for complete removal of sanctions or measures against any institution or individual.
By Blessed Ndlovu and Tafadzwa Mhlanga Mar. 6, 2024

Zim plots asset-backed plan to bolster Zimdollar

This comes on the back of a sharp depreciation of the Zimdollar with President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently hinting of a structured currency reform programme.
By Melody Chikono
 Feb. 13, 2024

CSO refuses to endorse ED’s Gukurahundi programme

The majority of the victims were Zapu supporters and Zipra ex-combatants.
By Jerssie Mpofu Jan. 23, 2024