Strategies for Zim businesses to expand

A major disadvantage of licensing is that it is difficult for the firm providing the technology to ensure quality control in the foreign production process.
By Batanai Matsika Jun. 21, 2024
Briefs: EcoCash lays off staff
Briefs: EcoCash lays off staff
This would necessitate staff rationalisation across the EHZL and EWZL businesses.
By Staff Writer Jun. 21, 2024
NBS invests US$7m in capital projects
Recently, the society opened a new branch in Bindura, a strategic move to increase access to affordable financial products. 
By Blessed Ndlovu Jun. 21, 2024
Interview: Discovery Ambulances exploits market gaps
KG: Tell us about your US$1 per person programme, which you launched recently?
By Kudakwashe Gwabanayi Jun. 21, 2024
ZSE to list on own bourse
The Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe last year revealed that it had developed draft self-listing rules for exchanges.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Jun. 21, 2024
Govt to increase stake in Cottco
By increasing its stake in Cottco, the government aims to make the company more efficient and financially independent.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Jun. 21, 2024
Pathway to supply chain management excellence
There is need to maintain a hell copter view and a glass pipe-line view of the supply chain network at every turn along the way.
By Charles Nyika Jun. 21, 2024
Is there a human right to land?
Access to land as a prerequisite for shelter:
By Tracy Mafa Jun. 21, 2024
Exploring the dynamics of social capital, competition
Gender stereotypes and expectations: Gender stereotypes can play a role in shaping how individuals approach networking.
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto Jun. 21, 2024
Performance improvement plan
The foundation of any PIP lies in the accurate identification and documentation of the employee's performance deficiencies.
By Memory Nguwi Jun. 21, 2024
Artisinal miners to blame for falling gold deliveries
Gold is Zimbabwe's top export, followed by platinum and tobacco, mining in general accounts for more than 75% of the country's exports.
By Julia Ndlela Jun. 14, 2024
‘Zambia, Zim tensions threaten local economy’
This shows that Zambia is a major source of raw materials for local industry as well as a market for local businesses.
By Tatira Zwinoira and Blessed Ndlovu Jun. 14, 2024
SMEs contributing only 2% in taxes: Zimra
In some cases, defaulters can be fined up to 200% by the tax collection agency, a situation described by experts as pushing them into the informal market.
By Vincent Mungofa Jun. 14, 2024
Zim manufacturing sector’s contribution to GDP declines
The report also proposed that Zimbabwe can draw immense trade opportunities by tapping into the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
By Gamuchirai Nyamuziwa Jun. 14, 2024
100 pension fund trustees face the chop
Pension funds have a board of trustees appointed or elected to manage a fund on behalf of and for the benefit of fund members.
By Melody Chikono Jun. 14, 2024
‘Just 10 managers control 95% assets’
With about 30 members, investments managers have not been spared by Zimbabwe’s prolonged economic crisis.
By Melody Chikono Jun. 14, 2024
Smart mining: Transforming Zim’s mining sector through connectivity
This in a region where the smart mining market is expected to grow to US$ 1,664.30 million by 2028; a compound annual growth rate of 14.5%.
By Lorreta Songola Jun. 7, 2024
With open contracting, everyone sees everything
At such magnitude of spending, even the smallest improvement in procurement will inevitably result in vast gains for the taxpayer’s money.
By Charles Nyika Jun. 7, 2024
AI in healthcare: Friend or foe?
Rather, it presents an opportunity for collaboration and enhancement of healthcare delivery.
By Naison Bangure Jun. 7, 2024
Dangers of ‘free’ online products, services
One of the most common ways free online services generate revenue is by collecting and monetising user data.
By Jacob Mutisi Jun. 7, 2024
Customised salary surveys
Conducting a customised salary survey involves a systematic approach to gathering and analyzing relevant data.
By Memory Nguwi Jun. 7, 2024
How stress affects men
This is a very critical campaign because globally, we are losing more men than women due to poor health amongst other causes
By Jessie Mhaka Jun. 7, 2024
African debt restructuring: A new approach wanted
The debt service burden for African countries in 2022 amounted to almost 12% of their total revenue.
By Artwell Dodzo Jun. 7, 2024
Importance of fiscal transparency
In other words, accountability is accepting responsibility for honest and ethical conduct towards others.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Jun. 7, 2024
‘Adopt green buildings to lower cost of living’
JN: Please give me a summary of what was taking place. Give us an overview of your workshop. 
By Julia Ndlela Jun. 7, 2024
Hard questions for Agric minister
Whilst he gave a good account of what is happening in the agriculture sector, he left the nation with more questions than answers.
By Kudakwashe Gwabanayi Jun. 7, 2024
Drought, declining prices hit Masimba’s order book
Zimbabwe is experiencing the effects of El Niño-induced drought while declining international commodity prices, except for gold, is threatening forex earnings.
By Blessed Ndlovu Jun. 7, 2024
Unfair debt-to-equity ratio irks RBZ governor
According to experts, the optimal D/E ratio varies by industry, but it should not be above a level of 2,0.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Jun. 7, 2024