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Accountant’s role in reporting climate change

Climate change has affected the seasons, with irregular rainfall now being experienced, rains are now coming earlier or later into agricultural seasons.
By Hope Mhindu Sep. 23, 2022
Numbers: How to connect branding, image and money
Numbers: How to connect branding, image and money
Through understanding the connection between branding and image, we can apply an image to money. Branding is linked to the image of money.
By Tanaka Chikwenhere Sep. 23, 2022
Chinese tile maker fights taxes in Zim and Zambia
Zimbabwe has been a flashpoint for harsh taxes and high doing business costs.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Sep. 23, 2022
Economists slam govt’s ‘fallacious’ inflation targets
Zimbabwe has one of the world’s highest inflation rates, estimated by authorities at 285,02% last month.
By Kudzai Kuwaza Sep. 23, 2022
Regulator asset probe delays FML
The Stock Exchange (ZSE) listed giant has approached the bourse over the delay, the firm said Wednesday.
By Tatira Zwinoira Sep. 23, 2022
Zimra fails to receipt ZW$1,6bn
She also highlighted that most entities were yet to align their practices and policies with the provisions of the law.
By Sydney Kawadza Sep. 23, 2022
Simbisa accelerates Zim forays …group to spend US$22m in restaurant rollout
The group said its focus was moving from navigating Covid-19-induced challenges to continuing to grow its footprint and creating stakeholder value.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Sep. 23, 2022
‘Govt measures to stabilise Zimdollar futile’
By making the gold coin purchasable in local currency, the central bank intended consumers to rush and buy the commodity asset.
By Tatira Zwinoira Sep. 16, 2022
Zim’s affluent flood real estate as markets falter
The drawback has been the high construction costs, which have been experienced across markets.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 16, 2022
‘RBZ interest rates hike to cause surge in NPLs’
Simultaneously we anticipate a thrust towards growing USD assets and effectively dollarising the interest income stream
By Kudzai Kuwaza Sep. 16, 2022
Turnall to resuscitate fibre plant
The group this year indicated it was carrying out plant refurbishments at the Harare plant, in addition to several projects valued at US$4 million.
By Melody Chikono Sep. 16, 2022
Top guns sign off with $2,4 billion windfall..Dairibord, POSB shareholders pampered
Mandiwanza exits the operation this month after helping it expand from a milk-only outfit to a broader beverages giant previously under state control.
By Shame Makoshori Sep. 16, 2022
Chance to buy 'undervalued' counters: FBC
The securities firm added that it would be sensible for them to consider 40% of the portfolio for active trading.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Sep. 9, 2022
Economic situation worries Japan
He said Japanese firms were also interested in investing in minerals like lithium.
By Tatira Zwinoira Sep. 9, 2022
FBC embarks on housing schemes
Meanwhile, the group is also continually seeking opportunities to preserve and grow shareholder value as well as enhance customer experience.
By Melody Chikono Sep. 9, 2022
Banks keep NPLs in safe territory
A non-performing loan (NPL) is a credit that is in default due to the fact that the borrower has not made the scheduled payments for a specified period.
By Melody Chikono Sep. 9, 2022
Nedbank throws weight behind financial literacy
Two weeks ago, the RBZ said the number of financially included Zimbabweans reached 83% this year, but still below a 90% target that it had set.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Sep. 9, 2022
'Focus still on US$12bn mining sector by 2023'
The mining sector has decried that the foreign currency retention thresholds are crippling their operations.
By Freeman Makopa Sep. 9, 2022
Investor guns for StanChart
The bank had a core capital position of US$26 million below the central bank regulatory requirement of US$30 million.
By Tatira Zwinoira Sep. 2, 2022
Nedbank Zim profit surges
The bank’s cost to income ratio improved to 30% from 66% in the prior year in inflation adjusted terms with the capital adequacy ratio going up  to 33% from 29%  last year.
By Kudzai Kuwaza Sep. 2, 2022
CABS strikes deals to expand scope
Correspondent banks provide services to other banks, usually in another country.
By Melody Chikono Sep. 2, 2022
Rights and traditions in Zim: Can traditional leaders regain trust?
The report goes further to recommend dialogue on the role of traditional leaders.
By Dzikamai Bere Sep. 2, 2022
Inaugural Zim investor indaba highlights
Scores of business leaders, economists and top ranking government officials also attended the conference
By Admin Sep. 2, 2022
SecZim calls for speedy implementation of laws

The SecZim chief, who presented a paper during the inaugural Annual Investor Forum organised by the Zimbabwe Independent and PiggyBankAdvisor under the theme “Capital Markets for Zim’s Sustainable Development”, also bemoaned lack of transparency and accountability regarding statistics in the country.

By The Independent Aug. 26, 2022
Invictus sticks to script

Speaking to reporters at the test well site about 15km Northwest of Mahuwe Growth Point, Paul Chimbodza, a shareholder in the project, said there had been a flood of queries over Invictus’ confidence as global energy giant Mobile explored and abandoned the oilfields about 30 years ago.

By The Independent Aug. 26, 2022
‘Funding gridlocks delay state enterprises reforms’

In 2018 Finance and Economic Development minister Mthuli Ncube announced far-reaching changes on the ownership of parastatals as he proposed to wean them off reliance on state handouts.

By The Independent Aug. 26, 2022
Interview: ‘Deposit protection key to credibility of board’

DPC will compensate depositors part or all of their funds that were in the closed bank up to the maximum cover limit prevailing at the time of the bank closure.

By The Independent Aug. 26, 2022
ZSE worst bourse on continent: CEO

The ZSE CEO said FDI inflows have been low since 2015. After outperforming regional stock markets over the past two years, bears have returned to the ZSE.

By The Independent Aug. 26, 2022