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The sober view: No place for independent candidates

These three politicians are, without a doubt, the most successful independent candidates in Zimbabwe’s electoral history.
By Ntando Dumani Feb. 24, 2023

The excitement, futility of ‘third party’ politics

In Zimbabwean political vocabulary it means a different thing. It is used as synonymous with the ‘third party’ is quite a different concept.
By Ntando Dumani Mar. 10, 2023

The sober view: Democracy in Africa needs new tools

For democrats all over the world, this is a serious concern as it indicts the legitimacy of democracy as the best form of government.
By Ntando Dumani Mar. 24, 2023

Candidate selection a consequential process

The past few weeks were an exciting period headlined by Zanu PF primary elections and CCC’s novel candidate selection process.
By Ntando Dumani Apr. 21, 2023

The sober view: Our politics in generational transition

An apt question warranting inquiry is where this shift is coming from, what inspires it and what is the content of this evolution or revolution in our political parties?
By Ntando Dumani May. 5, 2023

New political elite must midwife a new republic

Consent must be forged on the anvil of consensus.
By Ntando Dumani May. 19, 2023

Dear opposition, there is no place called ‘province’

The quest to aggregate the province as a unit trivialises some strong local sentiments
By Ntando Dumani Jun. 9, 2023

Future is debated in the city but decided in the village

It is this liberalism that makes the urban voter complex and difficult to please or to gain and sustain their loyalty.
By Ntando Dumani Jun. 23, 2023

Kasukuwere: Popular delusions or realpolitik?

Another explanation could be that Kasukuwere is just seeking relevance within the political arena, having been on the periphery for more than five years.
By Ntando Dumani Jun. 30, 2023

Low women and youth representation inexcusable sin of politicians

But that is a peripheral circus for me this week. Not my monkeys, not my circus!
By Ntando Dumani Jul. 14, 2023

August 23 will deliver the leaders we deserve

Political decision-making is rarely driven by factual knowledge and certainly not based on individual interests and objectivity.
By Ntando Dumani Jul. 21, 2023

The ‘Second Republic’ persona is on the ballot

Public institutions are still conducting themselves in a partisan manner.
By Ntando Dumani Jul. 28, 2023

Without manifestos, the election is a shouting contest

Enough of me dabbling in subject which I’m not an expect of. Let me go back to my comfort zone.
By Ntando Dumani Aug. 4, 2023

Elections must be won and lost on the ballot

I say intriguing, in political terms and not necessarily in legal terms or jurisprudence.
By Ntando Dumani Aug. 11, 2023

Zim: International election observers must do no harm

Various foreign countries use elections as a litmus test for democracy and a pedestal for their foreign policy interests.
By Ntando Dumani Aug. 18, 2023

The sober view: Morning after harmonised elections

In the unfortunate event that we go for a presidential rerun, campaigns will continue until the fateful day in September.
By Ntando Dumani Aug. 25, 2023

Post-election legitimacy discourse is convoluted

The shambolic delimitation process was a harbinger of worse things to come. And they have come in the form of a discredited election.
By Ntando Dumani Sep. 1, 2023

Sober view: Zim needs a capable govt and competent opposition

The ceremony seals into the official annals of history the notion that Mnangagwa garnered 52,6% of the vote, defeating Nelson Chamisa, who got 44%.
By Ntando Dumani Sep. 8, 2023

Sober view: Highlanders a sports arena for political expression

It is now common cause that the match was abandoned halfway through after Highlanders fans launched “missiles” and invaded the pitch.
By Ntando Dumani Sep. 15, 2023

Dissecting Mnangagwa’s new cabinet

Whether that is enough to provide the impetus for salvaging the fortunes of the nation remains subject to debate, but that intention is discernible.
By Ntando Dumani Sep. 22, 2023