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Implement cyber security reporting requirements

Zimbabwe does not have laws that require listed companies to report, disclose and publish any cybersecurity incidents at their institutions.
By Jacob Mutisi Sep. 23, 2022
Causes of food inflation in Zim
Causes of food inflation in Zim
The huge import bill directly translates to high cost of production for local food manufacturers.
By Victor Bhoroma Sep. 23, 2022
Film has potential of changing economy
The Achilles heel in the growth of the film sector in Zimbabwe is lack of financing, investment and structured funding.
By Dumisani Nkomo Sep. 23, 2022
Zimbabwe infrastructure: The contract management skills gap
As far as contractual obligations go, these contracts place risk on the party best placed to absorb it.
By Michelle Munyanduki Sep. 23, 2022
Italy: The hard right nears power
Giorgia Meloni, the hard-right populist politician who is likely to win that election, rejects any comparison with that ugly past.
By Gwynne Dyer Sep. 23, 2022
Hidden value in free cash generation
The key is where to look and the measures to unlock the free cash.
By Brian Makwara Sep. 23, 2022
Stability, but at what cost?
FOR what seems like an eternity in the Zimbabwean markets, the local currency has held its fort in trades against the United States dollar.
By Brian Makwara Sep. 23, 2022
ZRP impunity laid bare
As part of its annual review process against individuals, mostly public officials by the US, Mutamba
By Tinashe Kairiza Sep. 23, 2022
MUCKRAKER: Crooks are having a field day while Chris keeps blabbering
On Monday, the man from Oxford, Mthuli Ncube, expressed outrage that someone had tried to sell the government a two-kilogramme chicken at US$30.
By Muckraker Sep. 23, 2022
Thank you Mai Sorobhi!
The husband stared at these women and commented on their bodies. He would comment on their gait, legs, dressing, mere presence — she was not happy with his behaviour.
By Grace Chirenje Sep. 23, 2022
A leaf from Nigerian setup ecosystem
Closely related to start-up incubation is start-up acceleration.
By Eben Mabunda Sep. 23, 2022
The challenges foreign airlines face in accessing blocked funds in some African countries
This definition has been broadened to include the economic challenges of some countries face that are so severe
By Adiel Mambara Sep. 23, 2022
Candid Comment: CCC should take principled stance on sanctions
CONSENSUS is solidifying on the call for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western powers, and political players across the divide better take heed.
By Nevanji Madanhire Sep. 23, 2022
Squeezing value from dividends
We unpack the theory behind the information content of dividends and contextualise it below.
By Tafara Mtutu Sep. 23, 2022
Editor’s Memo: Arrest ‘blacklisted’ govt suppliers
To plug rent-seeking behaviour, the government has withheld payments for a third of the providers accused of overcharging.
By Faith Zaba Sep. 23, 2022
Reflections on current state of corruption in Zimbabwe
The CPI and the NBPI, therefore, complement each other and should be considered jointly. 
By Tafadzwa Chikumbu Sep. 23, 2022
Adapt or die: Drivers for transformation
Mergers and acquisitions by their very nature will drive change. The core tenets of transformation: people, process, products and technology are impacted.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Sep. 16, 2022
Let’s talk about women
There are legal frameworks and policies specifically for women too. Zimbabwe acceeded to the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).
By Makomborero Muzenda Sep. 16, 2022
The demise of landlines
Having been in use for almost 120 years the standard landline telephone is finally dying a natural death
By Jacob Mutisi Sep. 16, 2022
Govt policy unpredictability destroying formal economy
According to the World Bank, Zimbabwe’s economy grew by 5,8% to US$19,2 billion in 2021 after contracting by 6,1% in 2019 and 6,2% in 2020.
By Victor Bhoroma Sep. 16, 2022
Auction allotments levels remain low
The levels of allotments remained low, cementing a trend that has been true for at least two months now.
By Respect Gwenzi Sep. 16, 2022
Ukraine: Risk of a ceasefire dwindles
As one of the hawks who talked George W Bush into invading Iraq, he proved himself to be a bad and dangerous advise
By World View Sep. 16, 2022
Contemporary French art
France is a country that is infatuated with the notion of romance and beauty
By Andrew Muzamhindo Sep. 16, 2022
Creating space for agric graduates post land reform
Mangwiroto is a Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, Department of Community and Social Development, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.
By Taruvinga Mangwiroto Sep. 16, 2022
MUCKRAKER: Adios Queen Elizabeth II, kindly pass regards to Mugabe
Our President was in Kenya this week to witness a peaceful transfer of power, a field in which he is a leading international expert.
By Muckraker Sep. 16, 2022
Cognitive warfare takes over in Ukraine conflict
America left Kabul in a huff, in the process replacing the Taliban of 2001 with the Taliban of 2020
By Sapien Sapien Sep. 16, 2022
Women making a great difference
It is such a fulfilling, shared and collective growth curve
By Grace Chirenje Sep. 16, 2022
US$230bn African financial services revenues by 2022
As the number of start-ups is growing in leaps and bounds, so is the aggregate for fintechs.
By Eben Mabunda Sep. 16, 2022