‘Films can best explain climate change’

Zibusiso Condry Mabonisa — who is seeking funds for his next film, told Newsday Life & Style that, as a researcher specialising on IKS, African culture, tradition and norms, producing films
By Margaret Lubinda Jan. 9, 2024

Of agroecology and related terminologies that hogged the limelight in 2023

As a proponent of agroecology, eMKambo has been seized with contextualising agroecology so that farming communities do not continue to see it as a foreign invention.
By Charles Dhewa Dec. 20, 2023

Enriching climate change discourses with indigenous knowledge perspectives

Although largely undocumented, most African communities have traditionally protected IKS through their own structures such as capacities within the old generation.
By Charles Dhewa May. 26, 2023

Enriching climate change discourse with indigenous knowledge perspectives

Fortunately, most rural African communities still have elders who can be considered generators, preservers and conveyors of IKS.
By Charles Dhewa Apr. 26, 2023

Politics should not undermine socio-economic development

Some may have big farms but have no clue how to unlock value from the land after spending years in government and Parliament.
By Charles Dhewa Apr. 5, 2023

The curse of imported knowledge, investment models

Instead of relying on imported equipment, knowledge and innovations, indigenous knowledge should be given an important role in development.
By Charles Dhewa Mar. 8, 2023