Step down, PAP acting boss tells Charumbira

Gayo argued that Charumbira’s continued presidency was tarnishing PAP’s reputation, accusing him of presiding over a scourge of corrupt activities.
By Sydney Kawadza Nov. 24, 2023

Charumbira sex attack saga deepens

The family also raised issues with the relationship between the chief and his alleged victim who is said to be his brother’s daughter.
By Staff Reporter Jun. 18, 2023

Plight of cotton farmers must be addressed

Ironically, the tremendous growth of the cotton industry did not translate to transformation of the Zimbabwean communities, but rather to poverty and manipulation.
By Amh Voices Apr. 28, 2023

Feature: Chief Charumbira saga: The law must take its course

Many say it is difficult to quickly reach conclusions until authorities look into the issue.
By Sydney Kawadza Apr. 28, 2023

Pamper us some more, chief tells govt

However, Chief Svosve of Hwedza said traditional leaders deserved more.
By Sindiso Dube Apr. 26, 2023

We are a country, not a nation: That must change

Most of the people defending this useless and rogue statement by Charumbira are, unfortunately, also Karanga.
By Brian Sedze Mar. 24, 2023

Let’s unite to fight poverty

Coming a few months before this year’s general elections, Chief Charumbira’s comments are more than refreshing.
By Newsday Mar. 22, 2023

Chief calls on ED, Chamisa to talk

Chief Charumbira urged Mnangagwa and Chamisa to lead by example and meet over tea to promote peace in the country.
By Emma Nhancumba Mar. 21, 2023

Letter: Chiefs must be apolitical

Hats off to Chief Mathema and many other who uphold the values of chieftainship
By Amh Voices Mar. 20, 2023