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Taxpayers, youth must vote for a govt they desire

Apathy is winning the political contest. The apathetic eligible voters are supported in this unfairness by those who vote for benefits and rights devoid of expenses and obligations.
By Brian Sedze Nov. 10, 2022

Impractical reality of free education

MPs sit in Parliament to pass budgets without thought of free education, cancer machines, medications, civil service remuneration and so forth.
By Brian Sedze Dec. 28, 2022

We are a country, not a nation: That must change

Most of the people defending this useless and rogue statement by Charumbira are, unfortunately, also Karanga.
By Brian Sedze Mar. 24, 2023

Tax assault is a failure to comprehend what makes a country a success story

The country cake is very small and plugging the hole of deficit is ill thought if the bedrock of it is incremental taxes.
By Brian Sedze Dec. 4, 2023

Christmas: A great idea with zero African input

The amount of wealth transferred from Africa to the West to consume these brands is huge and likely a perpetual source of enslavement.
By Brian Sedze Dec. 21, 2023