Mid-term budget review: Looming macro-economic outlook risks

This outturn is 34,4% higher than the total revenue collection that is projected in the 2023 approved budget.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Sep. 8, 2023

Auction system: A missed opportunity

A Dutch auction is also a sort of auction in which the price of an item is gradually reduced until a bid is received.
By Victor Bhoroma Aug. 18, 2023

Zimra loses 70% of new staffers

Chinamasa, however, said Zimra continued to experience harmonious employee-employer relations across its entire network.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Aug. 11, 2023

Vehicle imports net US$2bn

According to Zimra, the total revenue from all motor vehicle types for the year 2022 was $29 583 267 180,33 and US$2 263 191 197,63.
By Evans Mathanda Jul. 31, 2023

Judiciary slammed for failing to curb looting of state resources

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent, Muguwu said the tragedy of weak laws, combined with poor “enforceability”, was mutating into a far bigger crisis.
By Shame Makoshori Jul. 28, 2023

Zimra claim against ex-boss collapses on sliding currency

Pasi quit his role midway through a disciplinary hearing in 2017, after being slapped with 45 charges of misconduct.
By Freeman Makopa Jul. 28, 2023

‘Treasury lost $1,6 trillion to tax exemptions’

In a bid to attract investment, the government has been offering tax incentives to some foreign companies, a move described by civil society organisations as harmful and unfair.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Jul. 27, 2023

Zimra backtracks on hefty legal claim against ex-boss

It said the contraventions took place between March 2010 and February 2015.
By Freeman Makopa Jul. 14, 2023

Fuel cartels under fire

Zimra conducted a physical search on the trucks and discovered that their seals had been tampered with.
By Tinashe Makichi Jul. 14, 2023