Perspectives: Leveraging knowledge generation for policy impact

 Specifically, sector impact evaluation programmes should be scaled up.
By Ronald Zvendiya Mar. 24, 2024

Perspectives: Vision 2030 as a trauma barricade

 If we fail to address the nation’s collective trauma with clarity and compassion, we imperil the survival of our children and our children’s children—and countless other species.
By Tinashe Chikodzi Feb. 11, 2024

Perspectives: Pros and cons of Cala for parents, teachers and pupils

Usually the teacher is the person who first introduces what is to be taught, either through her spoken words or through looking at a textbook.
By Fay Chung Jun. 11, 2023

Perspectives: Wellness: the 21st Century’s most critical competence part II

Stress is one of the major causes of medical conditions particularly cardio vascular diseases.
By Jessie Mhaka Jun. 4, 2023