Beware of surge in COVID-19 cases, WHO warns

The government, however, allayed fears that the flu outbreak is linked to COVID-19 insisting that it is an ordinary strain associated with the cold weather.
By Vanessa Gonye Jul. 12, 2024

WHO Zim chief urges vaccine uptake in cholera fight

Zimbabwe launched the cholera vaccination campaign in January this year with a target to  vaccinate 2,3 million people.
By Vanessa Gonye Jul. 11, 2024

Zim makes progress in Aids, malaria fight

Turning to the drought situation, Muswere said grain distribution, under the Food Deficit Mitigation Strategy and Urban Transfer Programme, increased from June 20.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Jul. 3, 2024

The new silent killer: Drugs and alcohol abuse linked to deaths in Chitungwiza

Heartbreaks like what is happening in Chitungwiza and other parts of the country include, not only the grief and mourning of individual families, but of the whole society.
By Moses Mugugunyeki Jun. 30, 2024

Mukariri intensifies fight against societal ills

Mukariri has over the years used music as a tool to tackle societal ills.
By Style Reporter Jun. 30, 2024

High cost of motherhood: A silent maternal epidemic in Zim

This is how countless women in Zimbabwe find themselves ensnared by the silent suffering of obstetric fistula, often unaware of this debilitating condition.
By Regina Rumbidzai Pasipanodya Jun. 20, 2024

The fight over alcohol advertising by celebrities

At the same time as recognition of the harm caused by alcohol companies and their marketing practices is growing, celebrities are accelerating their alcohol promotions.
By Kristina Sperkova and Labran Musa May. 17, 2024

Masvingo Hospital upgrade key for GZU Medical School

Zimbabwe has trained highly-knowledgeable medical personnel that continue to be hunted down by many developed countries of the world.
By Johannes Marisa May. 16, 2024

HealthTalk: Masvingo Hospital upgrade boon for province

Zimbabwe was known to be a highly literate country in the world with literacy rate of more than 90%.
By Johannes Marisa May. 12, 2024