Corruption Watch: Retracing Zanu PF’s crude path

In fact, as young boys in late 1979 and early 1980, on the eve of majority rule, we would sneak in, in the evening and enjoy war songs on the rare and croaky wireless radio.
By Tawanda Majoni Mar. 10, 2024

Room for wine farming growth

The average annual temperature is an impressive 19,5°C (67°F), and frost can be a problem in some higher areas, particularly in July and August.
By Kudakwashe Gwabanayi Mar. 8, 2024

Advertising: radio’s all time golden goose

A radio commercial service came into being in this country on April 6 in 1959 during the Federal Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) era.
By John Masuku Feb. 4, 2024

Sibanda’s quest for knowledge, self discovery

The book, published by Ingwaladi Publishers, was launched this month and the story is told in an analogical format with thematic interludes and flashing anecdotes of critical times of his life.
By Sharon Sibindi Sep. 17, 2023

Zim slowly getting back to its feet at 43

After 70 years of peaceful co-existence since 1896 the first black person was shot dead in a riot
By Eddie Cross Sep. 5, 2023

Zim legend Mukanya retires in exile

Over his chief collaborator Jonah Sithole’s mbira-guitar strumming, he vocalises the troubles of the land, nhamodzenyika, borrowing his yodelling vocal techniques from the Shona repertoire.
By Percy Zvomuya Jul. 29, 2023

Dear opposition, there is no place called ‘province’

The quest to aggregate the province as a unit trivialises some strong local sentiments
By Ntando Dumani Jun. 9, 2023

Cowboy country

The Zulu kingdoms and their impact on the smaller tribal groups in southern Africa.
By Eddie Cross May. 13, 2023

Independence: Dream deferred or betrayed?

Soon after independence, Zanu PF leaders went on the path to establish a one-party State. They were not democratic. They conflated the party, State and government.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Apr. 22, 2023