Reminiscence of the war that brought Independence

The Union Jack was coming down for good
By Onie Ndoro Jun. 30, 2024

Of WEF’s Great Reset initiative

The first meeting of the Great Reset was held in June 2020 soon after the outbreak of COVID-19.
By Monaclaire C Madovi and Angela Mufundisi Mar. 22, 2023

Letter from America: Why Prince Harry’s book is a must read!

This type of a book is called a “tell all, no holds barred.” People who pay such large amounts of money expect some juicy scandals, based on which they hope to recover their money and make more.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jan. 22, 2023

How the Royal Family's titles will change

How the Royal Family's titles will change:
By Daily Mail Uk Sep. 9, 2022

After a lifetime of preparation, Charles takes the throne

Charles, the oldest person to ever assume the British throne,
By Ap News Sep. 9, 2022

Queen Elizabeth's family rush to side of ailing monarch

Well-wishers gathered outside Buckingham Palace in London.
By Reuters Sep. 8, 2022

The Queen's health: what we know so far

The Queen’s health: what we know so far
By The Guardian Sep. 8, 2022