Businesses must adapt to tech advancements

The decline in market share and influence of Nokia begs a pertinent question as to how the giant iconic brand fell from grace.
By Admin Feb. 9, 2024

Leaderplasticity: How every leader must be thinking

Leadership requires serious thinking. Think creatively, critically and carefully. The results we see around us are just a manifestation of a thought s that was put into action.
By Jonah Nyoni Nov. 18, 2023

10 Cs for change leaders

The leader should possess soft skills and emotional intelligence so as to creatively bring all institutional cogs and grow talent density to fulfil goals.
By Jonah Nyoni Apr. 22, 2023

Russian mobile calls, internet seen deteriorating after Nokia, Ericsson leave

Five senior telecoms executives and other industry sources said Russian mobile phone users will likely experience slower downloads and uploads
By Reuters Dec. 21, 2022