The Continued Deception: Unmasking The True Face Of The CCP

This advice, reminiscent of the days of Soviet Russia, raises concerns about the naivety and sympathy displayed by certain foreign intellectuals, diplomats, and media figures.
By The Singapore Post Feb. 17, 2024

Education, AI and the economy

Students will need assistance in interpreting the information provided, which is usually aimed at seeking further information for payment.
By David Harrison Jul. 21, 2023

Letter from America: What if US president is wrong on Ukraine?

One must look for outliers to hear a different story. I found more than two such sources which dare to give a different point of view.
By Kenneth Mufuka Mar. 5, 2023

Ozy Media founder Carlos Watson arrested for fraud scheme

Carlos Watson's arrest came days after a former company executive, Samir Rao, pleaded guilty to fraud charges.
By Bbc News Feb. 24, 2023

‘Official’ Twitter tag for some users appears, then vanishes

‘Official’ Twitter tag for some users appears, then vanishes
By Ap News Nov. 9, 2022

Re-imagining the workplace: The engineer’s step by step process of working again

The good news is that it is possible for anyone to get back on their feet. It is important for this article to emphasise that for the good of the workplace.
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Oct. 2, 2022

Billionaire MacKenzie Scott files for divorce from second husband

Citing court records, the New York Times reported that Scott filed for divorce from Dan Jewett in Washington state on Monday.
By The Guardian Oct. 1, 2022

Letter from America: Who is afraid of former president Donald Trump?

Their worst nightmare was that Donald Trump would run again for the presidency in 2024.
By Kenneth Mufuka Sep. 25, 2022

Re-imagining the workplace: The engineer who became a fitter, turner and philosopher

He lectures on Positive Intelligence at Stanford University
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Sep. 5, 2022