Briefs: Min says Coltart doesn’t need invitation

Coltart snubbed the celebrations held at White City Stadium saying he felt undermined after the government failed to send him an invitation.
By Sharon Sibindi Apr. 28, 2024

Sand poachers rile Byo residents

Councillors have previously warned that the activities of gold panners and sand poachers if left unchecked would result in the dam being decommissioned earlier than anticipated.
By Daniel Moyo Mar. 20, 2024

I’m paid US$25: Coltart

In his statement, Chamisa did not order party MPs, councillors and Senators to resign.
By Nizbert Moyo Feb. 7, 2024

Ingutsheni in dire straits

Coltart toured the city’s health facilities on Monday to get an appreciation of the challenges they are facing after the local authority announced a 120-hour water-shedding regime.
By Nizbert Moyo Dec. 20, 2023

Vultures plot against Coltart

 In their quest to have Coltart recalled, the councillors are smearing him with various frivolous accusations including ‘heavy handedness and dictatorship’.
By Nizbert Moyo Dec. 10, 2023

New cllrs sweat over Byo water nightmare

Mabuto, who was recalled alongside other CCC councillors and legislators recently, requested council to invite ministers to lead deliberations towards solving the water woes.
By Silas Nkala Nov. 9, 2023