Fans react to Master H aborted trip fiasco

Master H extended his heartfelt apologies to his fans who were eagerly looking forward to his performance.
By Nyasha Gorogodo May. 26, 2024

Feli Nandi, Master H to get Redefined experience

The event, hosted by Gateway Stream Media, is set to light up and fill up the Harare International conference centre on June 15.
By Sindiso Dube May. 19, 2024

Digital media channels provide insight into musical experiences

NewsDay Weekender examined local musicians and the songs that rank among the top five on digital platform, YouTube.
By Sharon Zebra Apr. 13, 2024

Music has ability to shape vocabulary

Street lingo exudes a unique form of expression and music gives people freedom to interpret it in ways they understand.
By Sharon Zebra Mar. 6, 2024

'Nawanadem' takes Zimbabwe by storm

In an interview with Star FM, Master H clarified the origin of “Nawanadem”, explaining that it's a Jamaican term meaning “the one I name”.
By Nyasha Gorogodo Feb. 11, 2024

RCZ donates to deaf, blind students

Eaglesvale Junior School, an RCZ-run institution, mobilised blankets, mattresses, lotions, building materials, which include doorframes and doors, and foodstuffs for the two schools.
By Staff Reporter Jun. 14, 2023