The Zim media national question

The media, outside the question of ownership — is ideally the fourth arm of the state with a watchdog role over the executive, legislature and judiciary.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Nov. 26, 2023

Journalists not safe: VMCZ

According to the report, there is concern over some harsh legislation that VMCZ says had the net effect of criminalising journalism.
By Gracious Daniel and Sharon Zebra Nov. 15, 2023

Digital digest: Fighting fake news in the digital era

Thus, information becomes a vital parameter for decision-making. Therefore, this can make or break a nation and society.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Aug. 26, 2023

ZMC calls for balanced news reporting

Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) vice chairperson, Jasper Maphosa, made the remarks during a media and election reporting training on Monday in Kariba.
By Nhau Mangirazi Aug. 8, 2023

The future of publishing: a call for radical innovation in journalism education

he media industry in Zimbabwe needs to employ measures that guarantee continuity in the digital era.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 22, 2023

Digital Digest: Bringing the newsroom into the business of news

Meanwhile, editors will be equally ready to school commercial teams on the integrity of editorial independence and how sacrosanct it is.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 15, 2023

Digital Digest: Why newsrooms struggle with digital transformation

Ideas on digital transformation need to fit into editorial operations and other interventions should come as support pillars
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 8, 2023

Digital digest: Data informed newsroom key for journalism to survive digital Darwinism

Editors in their planning and using data mined from digital platforms, they benefit from “wisdom of the crowed”.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jul. 1, 2023

Digital Digest: A journalist’s changing roles: New functions and skills

Innovative disruptions did not only confront business models, but also bulldozed themselves into changing functions of journalists.
By Silence Mugadzaweta Jun. 17, 2023