Letter from America: Ukraine left in the cold by US and its allies!

British prime minister Boris Johnson visited Kiev and pressured him to cut up the agreement and spit into Russian leader’s face, Vladimir Putin.
By Kenneth Mufuka Nov. 19, 2023

David Cameron returns to UK government as foreign secretary

Downing Street had not appointed a replacement housing secretary by mid-afternoon, amid reports that several MPs had turned the job down.
By The Guardian Nov. 13, 2023

Letter from America: The winds of change have become a hurricane for US hegemonists!

Nuland, sending British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (April 2022), canceled an impending agreement between Ukraine and Russia in favour of war.
By Kenneth Mufuka Aug. 27, 2023

Letter from America: President Biden’s game plan to win second term flawed!

Biden is 80-years-old even as we speak. He has confused his wife with his sister. He fell face forward after giving a graduation speech at the air force academy.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jul. 2, 2023

ZB moves to lay off excess staff

The group said as it goes through changes, employees who felt uncomfortable and wished to pursue other interests were free to do so through the scheme.
By Melody Chikono May. 30, 2023

Sharp sharp!

There are the common sayings which tend to highlight the cat’s alleged superiority, such as “Dogs have masters; cats have staff.”
By Tim Middleton Jan. 22, 2023

Education ministry allocation peanuts: MPs

The Members of Parliament (MPs) also said Finance minister Mthuli Ncube failed to allocate funds towards ensuring free education for all
By Harriet Chikandiwa Dec. 2, 2022

Mauna Loa: World's largest active volcano erupts in Hawaii

According to the USGS, Mauna Loa has erupted 33 times since 1843. The previous eruption in 1984 sent lava flows within 5 miles of Hilo, the island's most populous town.
By Bbc News Nov. 29, 2022

Letter to my people: The great betrayal by G40 kingpins

Johnso and Dread Zhuwao begging Baba’s tormentors for forgiveness is betrayal that would make Judas Iscariot green with envy.
By Doctor Stop It Nov. 20, 2022