More effort needed to eliminate cholera

Zimbabwe is among 11 African countries where cholera is now endemic, meaning that the cases sprouting in the country are not imported from elsewhere but are emanating from within our borders.
By Newsday 7h ago

Harare rolls out 100-day plan

The 100-day plan includes the removal of all illegal dumps in the residential areas and declaring the central business district a litter-free zone, among other promises.

Cholera outbreak hits Buhera

Council last week announced that the acute water shortages in the city were caused by a “lake turn” phenomenon at Lake Chivero, the city’s main water supply dam.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Sep. 27, 2023

Stricter measures needed to rein in councillors

This comes barely a week after Harare Metropolitan secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Tafadzwa Muguti, warned against profligacy at the expense of service delivery.
By Newsday Sep. 26, 2023

Harare cllrs blow US$20K in 4 days

Reports from Town House also indicated that the councillors have spiritedly been pushing to attend committee meetings even when they are not members.
By Kenneth Nyangani Sep. 25, 2023

Thomas sings through sewing

Due to great demand in the business, Thomas  had to move into the central business district, for the convenience of customers.
By Admire Jamu-mlambo Sep. 24, 2023

Health Talk: Harare city parking: Nip it in the bud

For years, motorists have cried but their cries are landing on deaf ears as they are tormented left, right and centre.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Sep. 24, 2023

Man accuses son, wife of incest

Makunani said her husband was harassing and assaulting his son saying he was his mother's boyfriend.
By Rejoice Phiri Sep. 24, 2023

Inside Zim richest chief’s empire

Nyamukoho ruled in the Mudzi area and left a state-of-the-art traditional court building at Suswe along the Harare-Nyamapanda Highway.
By Jairos Saunyama Sep. 23, 2023