In the digital transformation quest, don’t neglect people

Personnel management at the highest level is the foundation for all future strategies. And, it is obvious that you cannot deal with these tasks casually and with the methods of the 1980s.
By Dietmar Schantin Sep. 9, 2023

14 Tips To Ace The USMLE Step 1

Stay attuned to any updates or modifications related to the exam format or content.
By Newsday Aug. 24, 2023

Unlocking Doors of Opportunity: Decoding the Recommendation Letter Process

However, like a beacon cutting through this murky cloud, are stories of resilience, of individuals who chose the path less traveled, con
By Newsday Aug. 18, 2023

DIY Video Editing vs Hiring an Editor: Which is the Right Solution for Your Needs?

Editing in-house makes it easier to coordinate and consult via your normal internal communication channels.
By Newsday Jul. 13, 2023

The Historic Legacy of Cast Iron Radiators

The revival of interest in vintage and period properties has sparked a renewed appreciation for cast iron radiators.
By Newsday Jun. 23, 2023

Mahere fined US$500

Police refuted the claim and said the child at the centre of the storm was alive.
By Desmond Chingarande Apr. 6, 2023

Are Low-income Zimbabweans More Likely to Gamble?

While this may seem optional for people with satisfying personal lives and stable incomes, for some people living in harsh conditions it may be the only escape from their environment.
By Newsday Jan. 30, 2023

3 B2B Services to Partner with That Every Startup Should Consider

There are so many services you can contract such as all those outsourcing teams like HR
By Newsday Dec. 21, 2022