Women continue to be sidelined

But the adoption of a quota system in 2021 helped increase the percentage of female legislators.
By Memory Rasa Aug. 18, 2023

Perspectives: Zimbabwe women’s political participation leaves a lot to be desired

The PR or quota system was meant to expire in 2023 but was extended by two five-year terms, throwing women a brief leadership lifeline.
By Helen Kadirire Jul. 16, 2023

It’s vital to localise actions on SDGs

SDG7 is critical in the people’s lives as it touches on the raw nerve of clean energy access, affordable and cheaper.
By Peter Makwanya Mar. 13, 2023

We must not allow bullies to gag us

Attention was also paid on the online harassment that many women face.
By Faith Zaba Mar. 10, 2023

Govt must close the digital gender divide, empower women

The coronavirus pandemic exacerbated the digital gender divide and rolled back achievements attained in closing the inequality gap between men and women.
By Amh Voices Mar. 10, 2023

Call for women’s donated funds audit

There has been underinvestment in funding for projects that promote gender equality.
By Mirriam Mangwaya Nov. 7, 2022

‘Let’s nurture gender equality mindset from childhood’

Using a set or sets of big and small alphabet letters children can learn spellings with the help of a cloth book with a graded list of vocabulary.
By Tendai Sauta Nov. 2, 2022

African Sun shines on rising star

The Hellenic Academy student has also represented the country in athletics and swimming where she holds two national records.
By Kevin Mapasure Oct. 9, 2022

Neo-liberalism, debt management

A tight grip on markets, trade barriers, political interference, and inefficient public policies impede economic recovery and gender equality.
By Vanessa Jaravaza Sep. 23, 2022