Govt’s policy inconcistency legendary

The same measure was again declared in 2018 and other times in the past, which makes it quite clear why Zimbabwe’s manufacturers have been unable to walk out of their cribs.
By Newsday May. 15, 2023

IFRS: Sustainability reporting standard

Develop standards for global baseline of sustainability disclosures — allowing comparability between companies globally.
By Hope Mhindu May. 5, 2023

It’s ‘guesswork’ in ‘desperate’ industries

It has given authorities an opportunity to gloss over effects of a blistering economic crisis highlighted by an imploding domestic currency.
By Shame Makoshori Apr. 28, 2023

Candid Comment : Their jets are ready to fly out for medical care

IN the past few weeks, we have deployed most of our efforts on covering the implications of rolling blackouts on Zimbabwe’s economy.
By Shame Makoshori Dec. 23, 2022