The climate debate on role of livestock misses the mark

Africa needs to be able to realise the full potential of its livestock sector as a driver for development, and this has been recognised by the African Union in its Agenda 2063.
By Amh Voices Feb. 17, 2024

For Africans, the climate debate around the role of livestock misses the mark

Livestock keeping offers African countries a gateway to the food security and economic growth enjoyed elsewhere.
By Amh Voices Dec. 30, 2023

The climate crisis is an education crisis

Right here, right now, climate change is robbing millions of children and adolescents of their right to learn, their right to play and their right to feel safe and secure.
By Gordon Brown and Yasmine Sherif Dec. 6, 2023

Climate crisis calls for leadership to speak up

The continent is bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, with effects ranging from expanding desertification, salinisation of croplands due to floods.
By Takudzwanashe Mundenga May. 30, 2023

Women vital for building climate resilience

Studies have revealed gender as integral to the climate crisis, highlighting the need for a more informed and intersectional approach to climate action.
By Takudzwanashe Mundenga May. 19, 2023

Operational challenges at Mupedzanhamo continue to negatively impact livelihoods

Mbare has the busiest informal hub in the country, yet the popular Mupedzanhamo market has been closed for a few weeks now.
By Amh Voices Nov. 10, 2022