Political parties should respect voters

Back to the Chiwenga promises. A visitor to Zimbabwe would have thought that it had dawned on government that youth and women have no conducive workspaces.
By Newsday Dec. 5, 2023

We will create more jobs for youth: Chiwenga

Chiwenga was campaigning for ruling Zanu PF party candidate Aurther Mujeyi, who is eyeing the Cowdray Park seat and Kidwel Mujuru, who is contesting for the council ward.
By Innocent Magondo Dec. 4, 2023

Fake marriages. A black market. What Zimbabwe’s health care workers are doing to get UK jobs

All this is taking place in the context of a clampdown by the U.K. on legal paths for migration.
By Evidence Chenjerai Nov. 28, 2023

Chiwenga wedding sends tongues wagging

Chiwenga, the 67-year-old former army commander and his soldier wife had a tradiotional wedding last year and pictures of the ceremony became the talk of town.
By Miriam Mangwaya Nov. 26, 2023

Chiwenga’s doctor quizzed over wrong drugs

Mangwiro, who was under cross examination in Mubaiwa’s attempted murder trial, told the court that he could make a decision on a suspicion.
By Desmond Chingarande Nov. 20, 2023

Corruption Watch: Military is dead, ED rules!

You will remember how the military stepped in to deal with civilian protests, actual and planned, as if we were in war situation.
By Tawanda Majoni Nov. 19, 2023

Mubaiwa to be indicted to the High Court

It is alleged that she carried out a number of suspicious transactions which were tantamount to externalisation of funds.
By Desmond Chingarande Nov. 3, 2023

Do as you wish, Chiwenga’s ex-wife tells court

The trial is set to continue today with former Health deputy minister John Mangwiro expected to testify.
By Desmond Chingarande Oct. 27, 2023

Sanctions divide Zimbos

Cuba chargé d’affaires Yoisy Ford Garcia said they stood in solidarity with Zimbabwe in the fight against sanctions and will not back down from demanding justice for Zimbabwe.
By Priviledge Gumbodete and Lorraine Muromo Oct. 26, 2023