Business Opinion: Entrepreneurship through brand levels of acceptance

Our key role as brand-driven visionaries is to carefully monitor the brand levels of acceptance as a growth process.
By Farai Chigora Nov. 26, 2023

Business Opinion: Entrepreneurial branding complexities

In this era, branding seems to have overcome the traditional infant mortality of our SMEs as it has become an effective strategic marketing tool
By Farai Chigora Oct. 1, 2023

Brand invitation in entrepreneurship

Most of our SMEs brands seem to be lacking in this perspective. As they portray invitation for hostility instead of a wonderful treat. 
By Farai Chigora Jun. 18, 2023

Business opinion: Generational branding in entrepreneurship

My concern is on those brands that have made it in our various sectors of the national and global economy that became extinct earlier than they were supposed.
By Farai Chigora Jun. 11, 2023

Building Narratives: Is a book launch really necessary?

Depending on one’s priorities, one of the main reasons of launching a book is to boost sales.
By Fungayi Antony Sox Apr. 16, 2023

Entrepreneurial branding through a learning organisation: Part 1

In this perspective we rename our businesses through what we do best as learnt from others and developed by us.
By Farai Chigora Apr. 16, 2023

Opinion: Engagement in entrepreneurial brand mix

Engaging with the customers and general populace seem to be overlooked as a standalone pillar in the existing marketing mixes.
By Farai Chigora Apr. 9, 2023

Succeeding in entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are those people who when they see a problem design the solution to that problem.
By Francis Chitambira Jan. 30, 2023

Branding through localisation in entrepreneurship

My worry is that we as promising SMEs are busy selling away our uniqueness through imitation.
By Farai Chigora Dec. 25, 2022