How Muizzu’s profligate embrace of China’s debt trap imperils the nation’s sovereignty

The wanton disregard for environmental and ecological safeguards in the rush to implement these grandiose vanity projects is nothing short of criminal.
By Daily Mirror Apr. 24, 2024

The Maldives precarious tightrope between Chinese debt and sovereignty

The root of this debt trap lies in the unviable, bloated Chinese projects the Maldives has irrationally pursued without regard for sustainability or conditions.
By Pardafas Feb. 28, 2024

Laos navigates economic peril amid rising debt and China’s influence

Compounding the economic challenges, Laos faces soaring inflation and a currency crisis.
By Inews Nov. 17, 2023

China’s grip on Africa's minerals sparks a US response

A Chinese state company later rebuilt a key railway line in Angola at an estimated cost of $2-billion.
By Bloomberg News Nov. 9, 2023

Chinese loans to Africa plummet to near two-decade low - study

While those two years coincide with the COVID-19 pandemic, researcher Oyintarelado Moses told Reuters that there are other contributing factors.
By Reuters Sep. 25, 2023

As global recession looms, China unlikely to rescue economy again: Report

A strong rebound from China would help offset an expected slowdown in other parts of the world, spurred by monetary tightening policies by central banks over the past 12-18 months.
By Business Standard May. 19, 2023

Chinese investment projects spark ecological concerns in Africa.

China's state-owned companies in Mozambique had promised high-rated returns.
By ANI Oct. 21, 2022