Letter from America: Joe Biden has entered the twilight zone!

Biden was secluded to a basement, under the pretence that Covid-19 restrictions prevented him from exposing himself to campaign rigours.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jul. 7, 2024

Letter from America: The world has changed radically! A lesson for all of us!

Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US.
By Kenneth Mufuka Mar. 31, 2024

In the groove: It's raining champagne confetti for some musicians

Controversial businessman, Sir Wicknell Chivayo has abated the misery of some musicians through purchasing cars for them.
By Fred Zindi Feb. 24, 2024

Letter from America: African century poses great danger for despots!

Little did he know that he was ahead of what was to be the African Century.
By Kenneth Mufuka Oct. 1, 2023

Letter from America: The US justice Department joins a long list of banana republics!

That Department, known as DOJ has indicted former president Donald Trump on spurious charges of trying to overthrow the duly elected government of Joe Biden.
By Kenneth Mufuka Aug. 13, 2023

Letter from America: About mothers and US Hegemony!

The founders of the Zimbabwe Republic saw it fit to fly the Hungwe bird on their flag, a sign of reverence towards the rainmakers.
By Kenneth Mufuka May. 21, 2023