Traversing the horizon: Essential HR trends influencing 2024 and beyond

Technology has been a game-changer for the HR industry, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.
By Emmanuel Zvada Feb. 27, 2024

Retirement journey of an entrepreneur

Putting in place data management systems that ensure data is safe but transferrable to the next vision leader(s) facilitates a smooth transition from one visionary leader to the next.

Skills for accounting environment

In recent years, the business environment has changed at a rapid pace, and so have organisational requirements.
By Cassius Mogoeng Feb. 16, 2024

Tech revolution: Canvassing for ministry of AI in Zim

AI, as a non-human technology replicating human intelligence for specific tasks, offers remarkable opportunities for growth but also introduces substantial disruptions and risks.
By Dumoluhle Moyo Feb. 16, 2024

Making study easier

Mental model theory and mind maps are two different approaches to conceptual frameworks that emerged in the 1960s. Here is a brief comparison and contrast of them:
By David Harrison Feb. 16, 2024

Business Opinion: Entrepreneurial marketing through artificial intelligence

 It is imperative for our entrepreneurs to also move with this development bearing in mind that AI is here to stay such that if you snooze you lose.
By Farai Chigora Feb. 11, 2024

Global company shares AI, low-cost housing vision for Africa

The Dubai-based company is a multi-disciplinary, international infrastructural development and smart technology provider company working on bridging the gap for development in Africa.
By Jairos Saunyama Feb. 10, 2024

Synoptic exploration of the growth of AI innovations

The field of AI, although born from the brilliance of modern computation, finds its roots in timeless philosophical contemplations.
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto Feb. 9, 2024

Scarcity vs abundance mindest

A critical factor influencing a professional’s career trajectory is their mindset. These mental frameworks can significantly impact a professional's journey.
By Adelaide Chimbarara Feb. 9, 2024