What Jobs are available in the cryptocurrency sector?


Cryptocurrencies have proven to be one of the most profitable assets across the world. This has led to the growth of the crypto industry beyond prediction. Owing to this growth, several jobs have sprung up in the industry. Let us delve into this topic and understand what kinds of jobs are present in the cryptocurrency sector. Several industries are adopting the blockchain industries during the bitcoins wild ride and the year ahead. Some of the jobs that exist in this domain include Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Account Executives, Software Engineers, and Marketing Managers. These job profiles require different skill sets and qualifications and involve diverse job responsibilities, creating opportunities for professionals across different industries.


In-demand careers in cryptocurrency


  • Chief engineer for artificial intelligence

People with this job profile are also referred to as AI engineers. AI engineers are entrusted with several responsibilities including the creation of enhanced cyber security measures to secure crypto exchanges. In addition to this, AI engineers can help investors make better decisions as they can perform technical analyses regarding several currencies. An AI engineer can make a handsome amount of money in a year, as the average earning of AI engineers comes up to around $103,000 per year. Some prerequisites need to be met by professionals for them to secure an AI engineer’s job profile. These prerequisites include in-depth knowledge of languages of programming, such as Python and Java. A well adept individual capable of developing AIs and carrying out mathematical operations will have an upper hand over other candidates.


  • Executive of Accounts

An account executive is entrusted with the responsibilities of business development for companies dealing with cryptocurrencies. However, a 3-5 year experience as an account executive will help a candidate secure higher salaries and better jobs in this aspect. It is expected from an account executive that they stay hip with current market trends. They are also expected to utilize industrial events and social media to generate leads and build business relations with possible prospects. On average, Cryptocurrency account executives make around $65,000 per year.


  • Software engineers

Software engineers are in demand in the crypto industry as they are the ones that build the platforms that process crypto transactions. Software engineers are responsible for the creation and enhancement of these platforms. Their technical knowledge regarding different programming languages and application development proves to be instrumental in the identification of loopholes and their rectification. Software engineer profiles require engineering graduates with a background related to computer science or software engineering. An expected median salary for software engineers ranges from $90,000 to $130,000 in the crypto industry.


  • Manager for marketing

Marketing managers are expected to help design products capable of furthering the market efficiently. These crypto products include the likes of NFTs, healthcare records that are encoded for the industry, and tracking systems that can help deter money laundering. It is the responsibility of a marketing manager to identify potential customers and to identify market trends so that they can help people enhance their profits. To obtain a Marketing Manager job, one must brandish a Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications, or economics. Professional experience in handling marketing, advertising, and promotional responsibilities can help candidate’s secure better jobs that pay more. A marketing manager makes $103,000 per year on average.


  • Security architect

Security architect job roles are trending in the crypto industry as well. The cyber-world is prone to attacks by hackers and third parties intending to benefit from loopholes. Security architects are required to formulate systems that can protect a crypto company’s infrastructure and systems, to avoid security threats and transactions that seem to be fraudulent. A security architect in the crypto industry holds a bachelor's degree in domains such as web development, Information Technology, if not anything similar. On average, Security architects make around $92,600 on an average.


As the crypto industry is growing around the world, several job opportunities in this domain have come to fruition. If you have the required skill sets and degrees, you can land yourself a well-paying job in the crypto industry. Some of the most lucrative crypto jobs are those of AI engineers, Security architects, and Software engineers. Upon careful research, you can find which job profile suits you the best. Calculated decisions and consistent learning can help you land a secure and well-paying job in the industry.

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