Makandiwa sings Mnangagwa praises

Makandiwa declared his undying support for Mnangagwa, describing him as God fearing.


UNITED Family International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa yesterday turned his church sermon into a praise show for President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was in attendance.

Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga attended the Easter Conference at the newly built gigantic church in Chitungwiza.

Makandiwa declared his undying support for Mnangagwa, describing him as God fearing.

“I love your leadership. Your God given ability to concentrate on your work while people talk negative things is beyond measure. You are blessed,” Makandiwa said.

The self-styled prophet claimed that Mnangagwa was developing the country and had no reason to campaign for votes.

“Even if you desist from campaigning, the works will speak for you. I cannot look at such a good road and be quiet,” Makandiwa gushed.

“Looking at the work that you have been doing I can spend the whole day.

“The rehabilitation and modernisation of roads embarked by President Mnangagwa and his government is already saving lives.

“We could all be dead if it was not for your intervention on the coronavirus. The measures you put in place saved our lives.”

Makandiwa castigated those who criticised the government saying people should focus on the development authorities are carrying out.

“My heart bleeds when I see the next generation drowning. Others have made an occupation out of criticising the government. Please focus on the progress,” she said.

Makandiwa did not leave out first lady Auxilia Mnangagwa in his praises, describing her as a pillar for the downtrodden.

“She has been befriended by those who have been shunned. We are proud to be your children,” Makandiwa said.

Charmed by Makandiwa’s praises and adulation, a visibly happy Mnangagwa said that he wished that the preacher’s speech was broadcast  across the country.

“I wish the statement made by Prophet Makandiwa could be broadcast nationwide,” Mnangagwa said.

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