Global company shares AI, low-cost housing vision for Africa

BGG directors Charles Nyabaya (left) and Jacques Ludik

IN a development meant to transform Africa, Bluefin Gold Group (BGG) is currently making inroads in infrastructure development as well as the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart technologies across the continent.

The Dubai-based company is a multi-disciplinary, international infrastructural development and smart technology provider company working on bridging the gap for development in Africa.

Apart from its vision to provide low-cost housing for Africa at scale using smart technology, products and services, it is also creating a smart technology device ecosystem with laptops, tablets and mobile devices and digital content that is not only technologically advanced but also deeply integrated into the fabric of daily life in Africa, fostering digital inclusion and promoting socio-economic development across the continent.

BGG smart technology global expert Jacques Ludik who is the company’s co-founder with Zimbabwean born Charles Nyabaya said it is high time for Africa to stop being dependent on the developed world as far as the application of AI and smart technologies are concerned. 

“Africa has the potential to deploy AI and smart technology in meaningful ways to improve quality of life, empower people across the board, and help the facilitation of thriving communities, smart towns and smart cities. It is high time the continent becomes self-sufficient across all sectors and stop being dependent on the developed world for physical and digital infrastructure development, connectivity, services and products,” Nyabaya said.

“We need to ensure that products and services not only meet the unique needs of the African market but also contribute to technological advancement and empowerment across the continent.” 

The company is also establishing partnerships to ensure robust internet connectivity across the African continent to equip durable, power efficient, and affordable devices with multiple connectivity options like 4G/5G, Wi-Fi (including WiFi-6 for efficient local connectivity), and satellite to guarantee access in even the most remote areas.

 “We are developing a comprehensive suite of apps tailored to local needs in agriculture, education, health, and finance. For example, agriculture apps provide weather forecasts, crop management tips, and market prices; education apps offer access to personalised education, local and international e-learning courses; health apps connect users with local healthcare providers and offer telemedicine and mental health services; and finance apps facilitate mobile banking, savings, and micro-loans.

“We are also integrating social media platforms that combine these services into a single, user-friendly interface with a personalized technology to guide users through its features, making it accessible even to those with limited digital literacy.

BGG is currently engaging African governments to consider adopting their technology packages as well as infrastructure development proposals that are focused on the construction of low cost houses, roads, sewer systems, water reticulation and energy efficiency

“Empowered with smart technology, we are saying governments should consider the construction of low-cost housing units, smart cities, and other infrastructure.

“This enables governments and municipalities to give people access to a comfortable and convenient environment, much improved public services and governance, and a better ecosystem for businesses to provide meaningful products, services, and solutions that lead to transforming lives for a better tomorrow,” he said.

Nyabaya added that they will soon be launching their own laptops, notepads and mobile phones that will be super user friendly for Africa. Brand name for the devices will be unveiled at the launch.

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