Prosecutors snub ‘disrepectful’ judge

Prosecutors deserted the bail court as they protested against the judge.

HIGH Court prosecutors in Harare yesterday refused to appear before High Court judge Justice Ester Muremba accusing her of using unprofessional language when addressing lawyers and prosecutors.

They deserted the bail court in protest. Justice Muremba waited for almost 30 minutes as the prosecutors refused to appear before her.  They demanded an apology from her.

The bail court is usually covered by around 20 prosecutors per day but only two were on duty and all cases were postponed.

"The judge always uses ruthless language whenever we seek clarification on submissions.  She does not care whether one is a lawyer or prosecutor.  We don't expect that from a respected judge like her," a prosecutor who refused to be named said.

Another prosecutor added that the judge treats them like children.

"She does not respect us.  She is always harsh on us and the lawyers.  Such behaviour is not expected from her.  She must know that we come from different family environments and we have a lot of issues that are troubling us.  She cannot quench her stress on us.  It is uncalled for,” another prosecutor said.

Contacted for comment, Acting Prosecutor-General Nelson Mutsonziwa said: "I have not received the report, maybe it’s coming."

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