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ZEC's Delimitation Report: Understanding the Import of the Arithmetic of Section 161 (6) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe

The Mangoma and Veritas interventions are saying the same thing. These two positions are essentially correct.
By Arthur Mutambara Jan. 10, 2023

Artificial intelligence and robotics: Great expectations and daunting existential risks

This capability is in contrast to the natural intelligence manifested by humans and other animals.
By Arthur Mutambara May. 6, 2023

Of insecure sycophants, falsified intelligence

Next, use this local currency to buy – through your connections at RBZ or your links with the political establishment — the rare US dollars at the official rate and produce US$100 000.
By Arthur Mutambara Aug. 4, 2023

Liberation struggle: Zanu PF’s modus operandi

For the Zanu PF functionaries to dish out these charges against Mugabe after havingworked with him as their leader for 40years, from 1977 to 2017, is beyond absurd.
By Arthur Mutambara Aug. 18, 2023

Dynamics of the GNU principals’ meetings

The worst aspect of the prime minister’s advisers is that they give him complete documents to read in our meeting of only three principals.
By Arthur Mutambara Aug. 25, 2023

Africa must have a new strategic approach to China

In our bilateral discussions, we cover a broad range of issues.
By Arthur Mutambara Sep. 1, 2023

Adoption of the 2013 Constitution of Zim

The fourth phase is completed by the agreement of January 17 2013, discussed above.
By Arthur Mutambara Sep. 15, 2023

Politics of ethnicity: Jumping from the pan into the fire

“This was the Zezuru position after all the Zanu infighting in Zambia, which led to Herbert Chitepo’s death on March 18 1975.
By Arthur Mutambara Sep. 22, 2023