Makayi inspired by mother into entrepreneurship

For Perfect Symphony founder Tate Makayi, born Tatenda Chipo Makayi, wellness promotion and life coaching are her calling and she feels blessed to be living her dream and pursuing her God-given purpose at a time today’s generation is wasting away to vain fun and substance abuse.

Purpose is the reason for living and it goes without saying that when you find your purpose, you have found your groove.

For Perfect Symphony founder Tate Makayi, born Tatenda Chipo Makayi, wellness promotion and life coaching are her calling and she feels blessed to be living her dream and pursuing her God-given purpose at a time today’s generation is wasting away to vain fun and substance abuse.

“Tate Makayi is a born community builder and purpose driven Hormone Wellness Coach, Sexual Health Wellness Promoter and Life Coach,” she said.

“My dream is to make a difference in the next woman’s life by way of providing ready answers to whatever wellness and life problems bedevil their existence.

 “When most people are asked who they are they first list their titles and that’s okay, however at the core of Tate Makayi is a purpose driven, ambitious, people driven woman that is led by faith and called to serve and bring change and impact in an environment she finds herself.”

While some venture into business simply because they want to earn an extra dollar, Makayi said Perfect Symphony was born out of her own personal experiences and a desire to self-actualise while making a difference in people’s life without working for anyone.

“Perfect Symphony came from me deciding I never want to work for anyone again,” she said.

“I knew in that moment that this was my chance to do what I always wanted to do and that is to make a difference.

“I turned my challenges with hormonal imbalances into a way to help other women going through the same.

“At Perfect Symphony we work with females from puberty all the way to post menopause and everything in between to understand the different phases of hormonal changes.

“We help them to thrive through the changes instead of suffering through the changes.

“We also provide preventive and restorative methods for hormonal imbalances.

“We help females to identify hormonal imbalances and heal using natural methods.”

A qualified Communications graduate of Segi University in Malaysia, Makayi reckons wellness promotion and life coaching has become the core of her existence and she is blessed to have had a strong foundation that instilled the right values in her thanks to the guidance and inspiration of her mother.

“I was raised by a beautiful strong woman that instilled in me the value of education, independence and entrepreneurship,” she said.

“I remember being my mother’s delivery girl in primary school.

“Even though she had a full-time job, she still used to bring in things from England to sell to the ladies at church and my teachers in school.

“When a local insurance business was under construction just a stone’s throw for our home, my mum saw an opportunity to start cooking sadza and selling it to the builders.

“After school I had my little candy business that I would go and sell at the construction site accompanied by our gardener.

“Every evening I would do my stock-take and income evaluation.

“Without realising it, my mother had instilled in me the values of entrepreneurship and having multiple streams of income at a very young age.”

Makayi said she was happy to be earning a living from something she loves and is also selling amazing hormonal wellness products that are fast making an impression on the market.

“My mum is my idol and her work has inspired me to be the person that I am,” she said.

“She was always doing something — from a table at Sam Levy to me delivering shoes to teachers.

“As I grow, I have found out that I am exactly the same enterprising woman that she is.

“I’m more like my mother than I like to admit because I am always doing something and looking for opportunities.

“I am already earning a living out of the life coaching and the hormonal wellness products that I am selling to my clients across Zimbabwe.”

A Christian, Makayi believes her faith has had a strong influence on her general conduct and approach to life.

“I was raised in a Christian family,” she said.

“Catechism, Holy Childhood and church retreats where the order of the day in my family.

“I can actually say I grew up in the church because I spent so much time in church and even as an adult, I find myself drawn to church.

“I feel that growing up the way I did shaped my thinking and aspirations.

“I always wanted to be someone that made a difference.

“I didn’t know how but I knew I wanted to do something meaningful.

“When I started working towards my business, I kept reminding myself that whatever path I choose it must have a positive impact and make a difference in someone’s life and as fate would have it, Perfect Symphony is giving answers to so many people who have life challenges of their own.”

On how she has been able to withstand the pressures of running her own venture, Makayi said her mother’s example is a good reference point and inspiration.

Equally important in her journey is her ambition to become the best version of herself.

“Watching how my mother overcomes every single challenge that comes her way has been my biggest inspiration,” Makayi said.

“Her love, support, prayers and hard work to raise, shelter, educate and nurture us are commendable and I know I am so blessed to have her.

“Her love for me inspires me to keep pushing in life.

“As you can probably tell, my mother is my super hero.

“It is probably the reason why I am so drawn to working with women to empower them with information because information is power.

Makayi added: “Ambition also inspires me and I particularly love to read about people that are ambitious and successful especially if the odds were against them.”

“My favourite biography is Trevor Noah.

“Despite growing in an unfavorable environment, he continued to fight through it and did not become a victim of his surroundings.

“Such individuals’ eagerness and hunger to accomplish something inspires me and keeps the fire in me to accomplish more and achieve more burning.”

Makayi, who is a member of progressive women’s network Empowered Women, said she was inspired by her past to achieve more against all odds.

“A lot of people can look at their past in a bad light, but I see it as inspiration,” she said.

“We all face challenges in life and we can either let the past pull us down or inspire us.

“If I can overcome past challenges then I have faith that I can push myself to greater heights.

“I am also a member of a progressive women’s network called Empowered Women and from there I am drawing a lot of inspiration on how to get ahead and stay ahead.

“The possibilities are endless and I am even more excited about the 2024 prospects.”

In spite of the odds of operating in a generally challenging economic environment, Makayi said she was buoyed by her achievements to date and will continue putting in the work.

“To date we have helped hundreds of females in different parts of the world through our virtual and in person activities,” she said.

“We are now working towards a train the trainer program where we will train 100 women in Zimbabwe to become hormone wellness coaches and employ them to work in communities to educate females from all walks of life about the importance of hormone wellness.

“We look forward to make Zimbabwe the hub for training hormone wellness coaches.

“The aim is to empower more females with this skill, which will also contribute to economic empowerment.

“I am hoping to ride on existing and well structured like Empowered Women to achieve this ideal.”

The social entrepreneur also thanked her family for the support as she lives out her dream.

“Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely, especially when people don’t fully understand what you do,” Makayi said.

“I’ve been blessed with a mother that is supportive even though it took a while for her to make sense of it all.

“She continues to give me a positive nudge in this journey.

“Her support comes in every way possible and I really thank God for her and friends that continue sharing some ideas and inspiration on how to refine this vision.”

While many wellness and life coaching organisations continue to sprout,

Perfect Symphony strives to make their information and education accessible at every level and it is hoped they continue pushing their ideals from grassroots level all the way to the very top.

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