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The climate brief: Why is our climate changing?

This dynamic is particularly pertinent in discussions about climate change, although it could be a topic for another time.
By Darlington Muyambwa May. 31, 2024

It is not all doom and gloom: We can still save our planet

While mitigation efforts focus on reducing the causes of climate change, adaptation measures are essential for coping with the existing and anticipated impacts.
By Darlington Muyambwa Jun. 14, 2024

Climate change also creates opportunities

Communities can explore opportunities in waste management by collecting, transporting, disposing, recycling, reusing, and generating energy from waste.
By Darlington Muyambwa Jun. 28, 2024

Why youth should care about climate change

It involves making changes in response to climate change's actual or expected effects to reduce vulnerability and build resilience.
By Darlington Muyambwa Jul. 5, 2024