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A case for abolishment of death penalty in Zim

 Zimbabwe carried out its last execution in 2005, but death sentences have continued to be imposed.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Feb. 25, 2024

Mnangagwa third term bid, what does the law say?

The question that arises under this question is, can a president’s term be extended beyond the current position given at law.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Feb. 27, 2024

Unpacking Zim’s Communal Land Act and evictions

Communal land has no owner in the strict sense.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Mar. 3, 2024

A legal perspective on women’s marriage rights

Zimbabwe’s 2013 Constitution addressed women’s rights and gender equality and its Bill of Rights addresses damaging cultural and discriminatory practices.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Mar. 8, 2024

Cyber and Data Protection Act and its impact on freedom of expression

In terms of the Act, it is a criminal offence to circulate by computer or information system, of false data messages about a person, which are intended to cause psychological or economic harm.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Mar. 10, 2024

Access to the internet and Starlink debate in Zimbabwe

Starlink aims to provide global broadband internet coverage from space.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Mar. 24, 2024

New currency without public confidence won’t solve crisis

It is important to note that the introduction of a new currency is not an answer to high inflation and hope for the stabilization of the economy.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Apr. 7, 2024

Independent but not free; use of the law to silence critics in Zimbabwe-the true story of our independence

Through the passing of legislation making opposition mobilization more difficult, the government became increasingly isolated.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Apr. 16, 2024

Independent but not free: Use of the law to silence critics in Zim

During the COVID-19 lockdown the government took that opportunity to amend the Constitution to consolidate the powers of the executive without input from the citizens.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Apr. 18, 2024

Arresting money changers won’t prop up ZiG

They were converting ZiG into US dollars at a higher rate than that proposed by the government.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu Apr. 28, 2024

Collective bargaining in Zim now compromised

In Zimbabwe the role of collective bargaining as an effective tool for industrial democracy and social justice has been compromised.
By Mlondolozi Ndlovu May. 12, 2024