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Madhuku’s ‘Gold Mafia’ presser: Is Uebert Angel breaking lines?

Even if the operation occurred, by commenting on the likely role of the intelligence, Angel exposed a supposedly covert operation.
By Sharon Hofisi Apr. 21, 2023

2023 elections very spiritual

The six stars would set ‘panguva rufambavaroyi,’ when witches were flying back to their places.
By Sharon Hofisi Apr. 28, 2023

Zim 2023 elections: Zec, poll observer missions

In relation to political party registration, Zec registers political parties and monitors compliance with electoral laws and regulations.
By Sharon Hofisi May. 4, 2023

Moomin philosophy, Zim’s 2023 elections

The Moomin teaching fit into what Giacomo Rizzolatti called ‘mirror neurons’ that enable us to interpret others based on our emotional and bodily responses.
By Sharon Hofisi Jun. 23, 2023

Kasukuwere plays it back?

Mnangagwa's predecessor, Mugabe, failed to maintain his legacy by remaining in power for too long.
By Sharon Hofisi Jul. 7, 2023

2023 elections: Mnangagwa’s swansong?

Mnangagwa was on top of his game of the thrones and newspapers could afford to refer him as ‘ED’ in big letters on the front pages.
By Sharon Hofisi Jul. 21, 2023

The upshots of dismissing Kasukuwere’s court appeal

Denying a candidate access to information as to why their appeal was dismissed can undermine the fundamental principles of justice and due process.
By Sharon Hofisi Aug. 4, 2023

Zim elections: Integrity and scenario mapping

These terms are interconnected, forming the pillars of a democratic process.
By Sharon Hofisi Aug. 11, 2023

Chamisa’s pluses ahead of Aug 23 polls

He has also severed ties with Tsvangirai’s tone of telling Zimbabwe Electoral Commission officials to “do the noble thing and resign” before the election results are announced.
By Sharon Hofisi Aug. 11, 2023

Zimbabwe’s watershed elections: A preview

Zimbabwe's 2023 electoral panorama paints a tableau of dynamic choices, reflecting a nation's striving for meaningful representation and participatory democracy.
By Sharon Hofisi Aug. 18, 2023

Zim’s points of focus for a transparent post-election era

Open communication channels contribute to a more informed electorate and diminish misinformation.
By Sharon Hofisi Aug. 25, 2023

Where do Zimbabwean politics die?

The intricacies of political manoeuvres, be they legal battles, strategic calculations, or the pursuit of key institutions, demand an astute comprehension of the political environment.
By Sharon Hofisi Sep. 1, 2023

The hara-kiri of a proxy inauguration?

For the first time Chamisa got huge political capital without having to speak up or make a stand for anything.
By Sharon Hofisi Sep. 8, 2023

Time to contain Zim’s election crisis decisively

What some Sadc countries and the UN have done, diplomatically, is to use the congratulatory messages as methods of dousing flames and nothing more.
By Sharon Hofisi Sep. 15, 2023

Time to contain Zim’s election crisis decisively.

While Mnangagwa’s government might have played politics within the UN countries, which publicised their congratulatory messages, the UN message is clear:
By Sharon Hofisi Sep. 15, 2023

Caution: The enemy shoots the decoy

"Shooting the decoy" involves creating a deliberate distraction or smokescreen to divert attention from the core issue or objective.
By Sharon Hofisi Oct. 6, 2023

Key to social flourishing in Zim

Zimbabweans, from all walks of life, must commit to learning from the past and forging a future where peace, unity, and progress reign supreme.
By Sharon Hofisi Oct. 13, 2023

A week before Christmas

One person projected that Zimbabweans will be happy after 2059, the date presumably when all liberation fighters would be in their twilight.
By Sharon Hofisi Oct. 20, 2023

Insider mediation in Zim, shuttle diplomacy and election resolution

As Zimbabwe grapples with a complex election dispute, the role of Sadc in promoting a peaceful resolution cannot be overstated.
By Sharon Hofisi Nov. 10, 2023

CCC recalls: Hope is a finite resource

The recalls of CCC MPs orchestrated by Tshabangu are seen by many as a dress-rehearsal for politics of manipulation from Zanu PF.
By Sharon Hofisi Nov. 17, 2023

Middle East wars: A scoping view

The conflict has deep historical roots and has been a recurring source of tension and violence in the region.
By Sharon Hofisi Dec. 8, 2023

The curious case of targeted sanctions

That was Mugabe, a whole head of state and government and commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces imagining his ideological speeches without political reality.
By Sharon Hofisi Mar. 15, 2024

Understanding types of targeted sanctions

We also have transportation sanctions where prohibitions of international transit of sea or air carriers from or to the targeted state are common.
By Sharon Hofisi Mar. 22, 2024

Letter to the President: Don’t commit grave political mistakes, Your Excellence

If you hope, Sir, to end sanctions in a confrontational manner, you will, far from your engagement and reengagement motif, commit a grave political mistake.
By Sharon Hofisi Apr. 26, 2024