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Sibusisiwe Marunda

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Drug and substance abuse: Stop the raging tempest (Pt I)

The Health ministry reports that in 2018, 57% of all admissions to psychiatric institutions were attributed to substance abuse 80%.
By Sibusisiwe Marunda Feb. 18, 2023

Drug and substance abuse: Stop the raging tempest

It is very important for any young person to have goals and aspirations so they remain motivated.
By Sibusisiwe Marunda Mar. 3, 2023

Child-on-child violence: We are sowing the seeds

Children witness violence in homes, schools and on the streets and they copy.
By Sibusisiwe Marunda Mar. 9, 2023

Filming of public violence: what happened to empathy?

Most abused children or women will   tell you the initial reaction to abuse is to feel, soiled, ashamed and somehow responsible.
By Sibusisiwe Marunda Mar. 21, 2023