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Inside sport: What an insult!

One sports follower even jokingly revealed that he had mistakenly read the figure to be $110 000 only to laugh off when he realized it was only $11 000.
By Michael Kariati Sep. 4, 2022

Inside Sport: Will Gwindi be accepted ?

LESLIE Gwindi, Fabion Mahembe, Oliver Manyau, and Erreck Mbududu have returned to lead Dynamos once again following a boardroom coup that took centre stage during the week.
By Michael Kariati Sep. 11, 2022

Inside sport: Mukuru, Zim sport needs you

Why those at Mukuru chose to invest their finances in sport in foreign lands instead of back at home where their business started is something that is still to be explained.
By Michael Kariati Sep. 18, 2022

Inside sport: Who is fooling who?

No employee has wielded so much power in Zimbabwean football as has Gwesela.
By Michael Kariati Sep. 25, 2022

Inside sport: Chiwandire’s lost opportunity

It is cruel that this fight has been postponed not only once but for the second if not third time all because there is no money to stage the bout in Zimbabwe.
By Michael Kariati Oct. 2, 2022

Inside sport: Let’s experiment with beer

Matches involving small teams are being played in virtually empty stadiums with the most recognizable people being journalists and club officials but no paying fans.
By Michael Kariati Oct. 9, 2022

Inside sport: What is it with FC Platinum?

Zimbabwean football should be safe to conclude that FC Platinum already have that title under their carpet as it seems no-one is strong if not better enough to challenge their dominance.
By Michael Kariati Oct. 16, 2022

Chiwandire's night of riches

The judges had 96-92, 98-89 and 100-86, in favour of the Zimbabwean, an illustration of how Chiwandire dominated the 10-round super bantamweight contest.
By Magreth Ruzvidzo and Michael Kariati Oct. 16, 2022

Inside sport: Counting the costs of Fifa ban

Zimbabwe can negotiate its way back into Fifa without following the Fifa required path
By Michael Kariati Oct. 30, 2022

Inside sport: Let’s give her the support

This was the first time that the government came on hand to financially support a boxing bout since the attainment of independence in 1980.
By Michael Kariati Nov. 6, 2022

Inside sport: The Kenyan example

Kenya, along with Zimbabwe, were banned from international football following what Fifa deemed government interference in the running of football.
By Michael Kariati Nov. 13, 2022

Insidesport: Where are we getting it wrong?

In addition there is the Coca Cola Secondary Schools Tournament and dozens of academies dotted across Zimbabwe’s urban and even rural centres.
By Michael Kariati Nov. 25, 2022

Inside sport: Which and where for Dynamos

IT is not a secret that Dynamos, once Zimbabwe football’s monolith, has fallen from grace to grass finishing third in a league race they once led by more than 10 points.
By Michael Kariati Nov. 27, 2022

Inside sport: Let us learn from others

THE 2022 World Cup reaches its highest point today with the final between two deserving teams Argentina of South America and France from Europe.
By Michael Kariati Dec. 18, 2022

Stars speak on holiday plans

Some have stayed at home with their families but most have travelled to their rural areas to be with those they have not seen in a long time.
By Michael Kariati Dec. 24, 2022

Inside sport: Does Messi compare to Maradona?

SO, the World Cup is over for another four years and Argentina are the world champions and deservedly so.
By Michael Kariati Dec. 25, 2022

Inside Sport: A defining year for Zimbabwean football

Kenya have already been readmitted into the Fifa family after solving their problems in conformity with the Fifa requirements but sadly Zimbabwe remains banned.
By Michael Kariati Jan. 8, 2023

Inside Sport: We’re all feeling the pain

Football agent and player-manager George Deda says it is becoming difficult to find foreign clubs for Zimbabwean players because of the situation back home.
By Michael Kariati Jan. 15, 2023

Inside sport: Clubs abandon desperate buying

Some in the football circles even jokingly said the Green Machine had bought a completely new team and what remained of the club was the name Caps United only.
By Michael Kariati Jan. 22, 2023

Inside sport: Taking the right path

SRC has promised that Zifa will communicate with Fifa as soon as the recommendations are complied with; something that brings hope that one day, our football will be back to the good old days.
By Michael Kariati Jan. 29, 2023

Inside Sport: Nakamba better off in the Championship

In as that may, leaving Aston Villa does not mean the end of the world for Nakamba, who at 29, still has the time to prove a point to those who have always doubted his worth.
By Michael Kariati Feb. 5, 2023

Boxing promoter Mau Mau feels let down

Mau Mau received a WBC medal for his outstanding contribution to the sport of boxing when Zimbabwe hosted the WBC Congress in Victoria Falls last year.
By Michael Kariati Feb. 12, 2023

Inside Sport: Zifa offside on National First Division League

It is also a joke if not laughable to say that the National First Division will help improve the standards of Zimbabwean football.
By Michael Kariati Feb. 12, 2023

Inside sport: When is our football kicking off?

The football season ended way back in November and why was that meeting not held in January or early February for football to roar into life as usual?
By Michael Kariati Feb. 19, 2023

All set for Takemoney’s big fight

 In fact, Musonda is dreaming of a situation in which Chiwandire wins all the gold belts.
By Michael Kariati Feb. 24, 2023

Inside sport: Let’s support our national teams

The country’s junior hockey teams are also seeking to rediscover the glory days when the country used to be a force in international hockey.
By Michael Kariati Feb. 26, 2023

Chiwandire signs for WBC title challenge

Take Money retained her WBC interim super bantamweight silver title after a unanimous points decision win over Mexico’s Zulina Munoz at the Harare International Conference (HICC) last October.
By Michael Kariati Feb. 27, 2023

Inside sport: Lease the stadiums to those who can afford

All these stadiums have been deemed not fit to host Castle Lager Premier Soccer League football with chances of a Chibuku or Gwanzura come-back even slim.
By Michael Kariati Mar. 5, 2023

InsideSport: The soccer season upon us …

This coincidentally is the same day that Zimbabwe’s Kuda Chiwandire will take to the ring in Mexico to challenge Yemilethi Mercado for the Mexican’s WBC gold belt.
By Michael Kariati Mar. 12, 2023

Inside sport: Our football politicians

The countries voted 199 to one in favour of Zimbabwe’s continued isolation from the international football world, a ban that started on February 24, 2022.
By Michael Kariati Mar. 19, 2023