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Is 'pasi' slogan still relevant in this era?

Slogans energise activists and compliment the party’s visibility efforts, projecting the vision or ideological direction which each party is charting
By Newsday 1s ago

Trading Stocks With Metatrader 5

place a buy limit order, select Pending from the Type menu
By Newsday Sep. 25, 2022

All set for Balance Up and Drive Campaign bash

The campaign aims to promote a savings culture in line with the country’s Financial Inclusion agenda.
By Newsday Nov. 3, 2022

3 B2B Services to Partner with That Every Startup Should Consider

There are so many services you can contract such as all those outsourcing teams like HR
By Newsday Dec. 21, 2022

Dear CCC, no one is coming

In an interview with South African Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday, Chamisa was at it again, calling for Sadc intervention.
By Newsday Jun. 28, 2023

Living a lie

What is there to enjoy when people are failing to afford the basic needs of life?
By Newsday Sep. 20, 2023

The great Keke Rosberg

Rosberg's championship victory in 1982 is remembered as a true underdog story. In an era where drivers like Lauda
By Newsday Oct. 21, 2023

A holistic approach required to improve pass rate

The national pass rate was 45,57% up from 40,09% recorded last year.
By Newsday Dec. 4, 2023

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Play at Euro 2024?

Spain looked good in qualifying but were poor in the last World Cup and have an inexperienced side
By Newsday Dec. 5, 2023

No to extortionate fares

This has been the common pattern every festive season with authorities convening Press conferences and threatening to whip the transport operators into line.
By Newsday Dec. 27, 2023

Govt to blame for pensioners’ plight

We are pretty sure that the number of police officers retiring each year runs into hundreds, given that the force has been recruiting almost every year since independence in 1980.
By Newsday Jan. 6, 2024

Editorial Comment: Religious beliefs should not threaten lives

While people have religious freedom, it becomes a real problem when their beliefs affect others to the point of dragging a whole people into unnecessary suffering.
By Newsday Jan. 16, 2024

Editorial Comment: Inclusive education a fundamental right

A holistic approach is needed to address the root cause of the problem instead of pursuing the symptoms.
By Newsday Jan. 26, 2024

A victory for human rights

Tuesday’s landmark decision comes as a Private Member’s Bill was introduced last year in the National Assembly to abolish the death penalty in Zimbabwe.
By Newsday Feb. 10, 2024

Tech Time: Juggling Family Life with Screen Time

Balance between screen time and family time. How to find the golden mean. Screen time with benefits: games and development for children. Life hacks for weaning children from screens.
By Newsday Feb. 23, 2024

Let’s grab bull by the horns

We thought the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa executive secretary Claver Gatete recently advised us to deal with the root causes of our currency volatility and not the symptoms.
By Newsday Mar. 19, 2024

The pain of adjustment

Monetary authorities say the new measures in place will see the trend reversed with ZiG accounting for 30% of transactions by the end of the year and 40% next year.
By Newsday Apr. 8, 2024

Heritage-based Curriculum doomed to fail

Cala was mired in controversy ever since it was shoved down our throat in 2021 because it was more alien than home-grown.
By Newsday Apr. 25, 2024

Choosing the Best Forex Affiliate Program: Key Factors to Consider

Advanced tracking technologies enable affiliates to monitor their referrals' activity
By Newsday Jun. 4, 2024