Anita Jaxson falls pregnant?

A source privy to the developments said the music diva has avoided public appearances and media attention due to her pregnancy while in Zimbabwe.

PICTURES of songstress Anita Jaxson showing a baby bump have emerged amid revelations that the music diva has relocated to the United States alongside her lover, a saxophonist called I am King.

Jaxson, whose love life has been marred by controversy, is said to have left the country early this month heading for Dallas, Texas in the US.

Standard Style is in possession of an image of Jaxson and I am King in each other’s arms, with the Hold My Hand singer flaunting her baby bump.

A source privy to the developments said the music diva has avoided public appearances and media attention due to her pregnancy while in Zimbabwe.

“Pregnancy is what has kept her lying low and avoiding the media and public appearances while in Zimbabwe,” the source said.

“She would have been doing shows and releasing new music, but now is not the right time.”

When Standard Style contacted the musician for a comment three months ago, she was vague and threatened this reporter if he published the story.

“I am currently not doing media interviews, I don’t want to talk to the media,” she said.

Quizzed about the pregnancy reports she said: “That’s a lie. I am not pregnant and who told you that? If you post that I am pregnant I will sue you. I have my lawyers ready and I am serious, you can’t post that without my consent.”

Last year, Jaxson dragged her former live-in lover and musician Crooger to the civil court accusing him of physical and verbal abuse.

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted a reciprocal protection order.

The court heard that Anita and Crooger had been in a relationship for two years during which they cohabited for a year. Anita claimed Crooger was subjecting her to physical abuse and she showed the magistrate pictures of her face after she was allegedly assaulted.

Crooger argued that the source of their problems was a man sending Anita some money behind his back.

He argued that she attacked him first and he retaliated.

Jaxson was also involved in a love scandal with dancehall chanter Poptain, which the latter went on to dismiss as a publicity stunt.

According to Poptain: “Nothing like that ever happened.”

Poptain went on to say that he only played along and apologised to his fans.

He added that the constant references to this relationship with Anita were degrading to his wife.

Poptain also claimed that he had been pushed into the situation by people in the industry who claimed that it would be good for their careers.

“Those that followed me because of the stunt can proudly unfollow me. My conscious music cannot be diluted by drama. I still wanna lead a normal life, and I said sorry to my fans because I know the disappointment they had when I took this route.” posted Poptain.

Anita, however, questioned Poptain’s version of events. She called on Poptain to own up on everything that had happened without playing the victim or blaming someone else.

"I was not in a relationship by myself," Anita fired back at Pop (as she called him in their happy days).

These events leave one wondering if Crooger and Jaxson dated for two years and were live-in lovers for a year, how then could Jaxson and Poptain date?

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