Josh Meck ropes in two SA stars in new project

Josh Meck ropes in two SA stars in new project

AWARD-WINNING jazz musician Josh Meck has once again graced the music scene with a new single titled Kapoto consisting of cross-cultural collaboration with two South African producers Charity Kobo, also known as C Keys, and Ntate Notehead.

The song is sung in Shona language with a fusion of Amapiano and Katekwe, genres that are deeply ingrained in the musical traditions of Southern Africa.

It is a tale of a young brother who nurtures lustful feelings towards his elder brother's wife and in return he incurs the wrath of his family.

Despite its strong cultural themes and non-English lyrics, "Kapoto" has transcended language barriers, taking the club scene by storm in South Africa.

Meck said the popularity of the single is as a result of a good collaboration between him and the South Africans.

“The popularity of "Kapoto" extends to the DJs themselves and not just Meck,” he said.

“C Keys and Notehead, are not just esteemed producers but also respected DJs within the South African music scene and they have been actively promoting the song during their performances.

“By incorporating Kapoto into their sets, they have elevated the track to a wider audience thereby spreading its reach and amplifying its impact.

“In an era where music is increasingly global, Kapoto serves as a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration.

“My Zimbabwean roots blended with the South African influences of C Keys and Ntate Notehead resulted in a track that is simultaneously fresh and familiar.”

The single maintains the integrity of traditional rhythms while introducing elements of modern music, creating a unique sound that sets it apart.

The song manages to engage listeners through its narrative, encouraging them to reflect on the themes it presents.

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