Chics’ Galaxy: Anita Jaxson proves her talent has no limits

Anita Jaxson proves her talent has no limits

LOCAL musician Anita Jackson, who started recording at the age of 15, is proving that there is more she has to offer to her fans.

The songstress, who made it into the entertainment scene as a dancehall artiste, has of late been changing her sound demonstrating that there are no limits to her talent.

She recently dropped two singles namely Hold My Hand and Famba, which are both motivational songs with a message of hope.

It seems as though the artiste has decided to dive into the pop music genre because in both singles, there is not even a single dancehall beat.

As if the two pop singles were not enough, Anita Jaxson has yet another single titled Murairo, which sounds like a mixture of the trending amapiano beat and pop.

Her followers have been commenting saying the song is good for a Friday night out.

“This is a banger, Friday night jam,” read a comment from one of her followers.

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