Nobuntu to perform in US’s 15 states

Nobuntu group

GLOBETROTTING and all-female award winning acapella group — Nobuntu is back on its annual tour to the United States where they will perform a new production among others in 15 states.

The group left on October 3 with the debut performance at Salisbury MD – Salisbury University on Thursday.

They are set to perform at 25 venues across the US and these include October 6 — Salisbury MD — Salisbury University, October 7 — Washington DC — Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts and October 8 — Goldsboro NC — Paramount Theatre — Goldsboro.

This is their second tour this year and it will run from October 4 to end of November.

Duduzile Sibanda told Standard Style that the tour is an opportunity for them to educate the US about Southern Africa, music origins, culture and tradition.

"We are on a two month tour in the US. It’s one of our annual US tours and we will perform in 15 states. It’s really a busy schedule for us and it means work! Work! Work! At last!  After the Covid-19 wave we are happy to be travelling again.

“It’s  also another opportunity to spread messages of love hope and peace, also to educate and inform the US about Southern Africa, our music origins, culture and tradition,” she said.

She said their music lovers should watch out for new music and dances.

“We definitely have new songs on this tour, more jazzy with a touch of Imbube. We have 90 minute show which is a different show from what we have been doing in the past five years. So this time around we are doing a new show that has new songs, less percussion, djembe instruments, and drums as well as lots of dancing.

“We  will also do workshops, educational performances…, dance workshops, demo lectures where we explain about the origins of our music , our culture, tradition where we come from, briefly give a bio of Nobuntu, languages in Zimbabwe and it’s bio, then get into our music Imbube origins at the universities.

“Then we have main shows mostly on weekends either Saturday or Sunday. The dance to be perfomed are isitshikitsha (Ndebele), Isetape (Tswana) amabhiza (Kalanga). Its going to be a wholesome show,”she added.

Dudu congratulated one of their member Thandeka Moyo who was recently blessed with a baby boy.

“First of all congrats are in order for our member Thandeka Moyo who recently had a baby. As a result, we  had to introduce  an acting member while she is on her maternity leave. The new member  is Brenda P. S. Rera  will stand in for her.

“We welcome Brenda P. S. Rera to the family. She will be singing the soprano part. We look forward to having an amazing tour with her,” she added.

Nobuntu continues to pride itself in setting the pace and land-marking women’s contribution to African traditional music on international standards. They are committed to flying the Zimbabwean flag high with their well-orchestrated performances and sound that resonates around the ordinary African day to day life.

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