Candacy speaks about life after university

Candacy Rutendo Gurupira s

SOCIAL media enthusiast Candacy Rutendo Gurupira says life after university is hard as one has to step up to responsibilities that come with being an adult.

Gurupira said university life was fickle and relaxed as compared to real life. Gurupira used to be one of the University of Zimbabwe's socialites who commanded a huge following.

 “Life after university is a bit complex. It's either you win, struggle or you completely lose yourself.  It opens up your eyes; there is this anxiety period from the day you finish your final exams to the day results are announced," she said.

 “There are a lot of anxiety and depression zones that you enter into, trying to figure out how to navigate through life. Basically life after university is filled with anxiety of making it,” she said.

She spoke about how the pressures of looking for employment are causing a lot of mental health issues in young people.

“While in university we tend to fantasise about life but when you are now living in the real world, you have to take up any job that you can get. Many graduates are in working positions that they never studied for or positions that they would never have considered taking up after finishing high school," she said.

“A lot of advantages that we had as students have been stripped off from us. For example many students who used to live a lavish life at school now cannot afford it because it was being funded by parents or other people.”

Gurupira said she learnt quite a lot during her days in university, especially the attachment period where she had a glimpse of reality.

She got to learn the aspect of making and maintaining good connections with people.

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