Letter from America: The persecution of former president Donald J. Trump!

In the three years since Trump left office, 15 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border from Mexico.

Allow me to confess at the beginning that former United States president Donald J. Trump is a very bad person,  the son of a billionaire who never learned any manners and attracts scandals wherever he goes.

Nevertheless, while we take the wisdom of the Reverend Robert Jeffress that while one may not consider it wise to introduce Trump to his virgin daughters, his policies were very good for Americans.

Two examples will suffice. Trump questioned the wisdom of carrying 90% of the burden in Nato while Germany and others carried huge surpluses in trade with the US.

In the three years since Trump left office, 15 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border from Mexico.

Surely, a country without borders is no country at all. We can add that while petrol sold at US$2 per gallon, it now averages US$5 per gallon.

Trump, therefore, is leading in the polls against President Joe Biden.

The answer for Democrats is to throw him in a jailhouse. Having learned a lesson from the Russian communists, the crimes are established in this fashion.

“Show me the man, and I will show you the crime,” Russian security officer Lavrenti Beria once said.

 Further, since the Democrats are the brainy party, they have employed blacks to do their dirty work.

Using the Department of Justice, they are coming up with new rules and finding crimes under every buried stone for Trump.

But Republicans are beginning to fight back and to speak out. A witch hunt is a witchhunt when activities that have never been prosecuted before are now brought before the courts. Democrats fool no one.

Prosecutor, Brother Alvin Bragg  campaigned on the platform to “get Trump.” Bragg has found 34 entries in Trump’s business ledger, which he claims are false.

True, the payments were made to prostitutes, but that is not a crime under any law. The law of prostitution is weird. While prostitution is not illegal, “solicitation” is. In any case, an intent to hide other crimes under the cover of hush money can be a crime.

Bragg says that it was to cover up electoral fraud. But federal officers have already looked at that issue and refused to prosecute.

Here is the persecution. Noone has ever been taken to court for such a crime. Falsifying business records is a misdemeanor usually settled by a fine. 

This is persecution, pure and simple.

Former president Bill Clinton was accused of hiding 23 sexual affairs and rewarding Jennifer Flowers with a stenographer job even though she could not type 50 words per minute. 

Trump is being charged US$1 000 per day for refusing to keep a gag order by a conflicted judge. The judge’s daughter, Ms. Loren Merchan is a Democratic Party operative, who has been raising money to defeat Trump.

The judge does not see any conflict of interest in his daughter-father relationship.

Breaking the bank

If the Democrats cannot break Trump’s fighting spirit, they conspired to break his bank. In a trumped-up charge in  New York, Trump was accused of inflating the value of his properties.

Deutsch Bank, which offered him mortgages, said that they had their own evaluators, and that Trump was a good customer, paying off his loans in a timely manner.

An observer may ask: “Who is the aggrieved party?”

Noone in recent memory has ever been prosecuted under this law. The judge, without jurors, found him guilty and fined him US$453 million, an amount so astronomical that a superior court found it unprecedented.

Suster James was rubbing her fingers in readiness to send Trump’s properties to auction if he failed to pay the fine.

Even when an insurance company paid the lower fine imposed by a superior court, James is investigating the insurance company. She may bring charges against them as well.

This is pure persecution.

Sister Fani Willis in Georgia

Sister Willis is another black being used by Democrats to persecute Trump. As many as 21 Trump supporters are being prosecuted for denying the fairness of the 2020 election.

 They had raised concerns that postal votes were abused by Democrats as they recruited votes in shady circumstances, including nursing homes, where electors were senile and not aware of the choices being filled in on their behalf.

An 1870 law says that if an election is disputed, the Vice president shall appoint a committee which consists of four members of Congress and four members of the Supreme Court to investigate the issues raised.

Hillary Clinton is still kicking dust about her loss to Trump, which she alleges, was influenced by Russian operatives.

Challenging the electoral results has been criminalized and Sister Willis wants the victims to go to jail.

But things did not go the way she wanted. Having scouted for a prosecutor and failed to find one, she appointed her boyfriend Brother Nathan Wade. She has been on several professional business trips with him.

The question then was put to her.

“Did you have sex with attorney Wade?” The answer was “YES.”

 Wade was offered the job at a salary of US$600 000.

While it is not illegal for Sister Willis to have sex with a brother she likes, Judge McAffee said the following words: “However, the established record … highlights a significant appearance of impropriety that infects the current structure of the prosecution team.” 

 Ceasar’s wife must be above suspicion.

Because Sister Willis and Brother Wade were having sex during business trips, Judge McAfee was rconstrained to remark that “an outsider could reasonably think that (Ms. Willis) is not exercising her independent judgment totally free from any compromising influences.”

It was further revealed that Sister Willis had had “social get together” with Vice President Kamala Harris, an interested party in the demise of Trump.

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Shakespeare.

*Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He can be contacted at [email protected]. He writes from the US.

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