Letter from America: Why Trump’s support has been growing!

There is a great fear among the world elites that Trump may be re-elected to a second term in office as US president.

My friends in Europe and in Africa ask me the perennial question. What makes for Donald Trump’s longevity in American politics? And why are the Democrats trying their best to lock him up in a  jailhouse to prevent him from being on the presidential ballot?

There is a great fear among the world elites that Trump may be re-elected to a second term in office as US president.

Western governments, including the US, have yet to come to terms with the widespread availability of social media, which includes Tik-Tok, video, Instagram, and Twitter.

Unbeknownst to us, the BBC, CNN, and Voice of America were mere propaganda tools of western hegemony, propagating the idea that the west was the protector of a rules-based world order,  democracy, freedom of speech, security of property and therefore a haven for investors.

The violence which underlay these great achievements, as illustrated by the death and destruction of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and now recently,  the atrocities being committed in Gaza by Israel and the US, were whitewashed, and by-passed in our textbooks.

On March 16, 2016, a thoroughly unlovable character, Donald J. Trump, in a Republican debate published throughout the world said these bad words about US policy in Iraq.

“They said there were weapons of mass destruction (in Iraq): there were none, and they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction.  President (George W.) Bush lied.”

Such information was, before 1916, what historians call archival. After that date, it was on the beck and call of everyone who had a cell phone. The ore, atrocities committed abroad, in the name of the American people and the daily murder of Palestinian children by the US and Israel in a shameless attempt by British Petrol to steal the gas fields of Gaza are shown in gory details on our cell phones.

Trump, with the common sense of a nincompoop, asked a silly question.

“We (the US) have sufficient gas and oil reserves, so much so that if exploited the US can be the largest exporter of these resources to Europe. Why are we engaged in endless wars abroad.?”

It is the common sense question the child asked the king without clothes.

Trump was a marked man. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency colluded to prevent him from assuming power.

Trump had more common sense than the elites in another direction. If the US  industrial base is exported to China, how on earth, does the US remain a great power as a service nation rather than  a manufacturing titan?

As we speak, it has become obvious that China’s industrial prowess has allowed it to muscle itself all over the world where it dared not set its foot before.

President Joe Biden is spearheading an America first in regrowing the industrial base.

Trump’s American industry first policy generated the highest employment rate in 50 years.

Unequal justice

Every school child in the US can sing the pledge of allegiance which says the following words.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Take the following cases. When Trump left the White House, a New York attorney charged him with sexual molestation and defaming a pornographic star ( a prostitute). The case is supposed to have occurred in 1991.

Trump paid Ms. Jean Caroll, USD130 000 to keep the story quiet.

Today he has been fined USD83 million.

In another case, New York attorney Latitia James, campaigned for the position on the promise of “I will get Trump for you.”

Having found a captured judge, who by his own confession hates Trump, Trump was found guilty of enhancing the value of his properties, a non-crime. The banks were happy about it. The loans were paid.

Nevertheless, Trump is facing a USD453 million fine and an option that James may seize his properties and sell them to her cronies.

This kind of behavior is supposed to happen only in Zimbabwe.

The third case involves reading secret documents. Biden had similar documents in three places, including in the trunk of his car and on the floor of his garage. In addition, he carried on conversations with his biographer.

Attorney Robert Hur says that “Biden memory was severely limited. He will present himself as a sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.”

Conclusion. “It was plain from the outset that prosecution was not warranted.”

As for Trump, he should be prosecuted. The punishment is 70 years in a jailhouse.

Verily, verily, dear readers, the shamelessness and hypocrisy of these people is beyond comprehension.

Without the Internet and social media, all these shenanigans would have been buried under a carpet.

Americans have always had some suspicions, but suspicion is not knowing.

There is a general feeling among the white populace that Trump is being railroaded into a jailhouse. Whether sympathy will translate into an overwhelming vote, we do not know.

The Gaza atrocities have further eroded confidence in the Biden administration. Though I am a professional historian, I was not aware of the extent of the genocidal and apartheid atrocities happening in Gaza until recently.

The Democratic Party derives its strength from various racial groups united by a need for protection against racial oppression.  Biden called out the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the devastation it caused, sanctioned Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and sequestered USD350 billion dollars in US banks.

“I called it genocide because it became clearer that Putin is trying to wipe out even the idea of being Ukrainian.”

A State Department memo, November 7th, signed by 100 staffers, noted that  the US “has displayed a total disregard for the lives of Palestinians” even questioning the number of Palestinian deaths and rejoicing as 2.3 million Gazans were being bombed out. Biden was a total tool of the Jewish lobby, bought and paid for.

Biden’s cowardly approach to the Jewish lobby, while doling out US taxpayer’s money to the genocidal machine in Israel shook his support among blacks, US Arab Americans and some Jewish Americans who witnessed anti-Semitic entiments rising through-out the world.

 *Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US.

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