From Trump to Biden, it is getting “more worse!”

Joe Biden, president of the United States.

In black English,  former president Donald Trump was a lunatic, a loud-mouthed New Yorker, whose mouth was unfiltered, a thoroughly “worse guy”. If that is so,  US president Joe Biden (lovingly called Uncle Joe) has proved, in matters crucial to the wellbeing of the state, to be senile and touched by a bout of Alzheimer and therefore “more worse” than Trump.

In fairness to Uncle Joe (now 80-years-old),  he was sharp and brilliant in the 1980’s when he, as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee led the anti-apartheid campaign which finally broke the camel’s back by passing the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Bill against Ronald Reagan’s veto.

Age has taken its toll and his handlers are worse than devils.

Last week, during a visit by pre-school kindergarteners, he started to say that he had visited more than 89 countries, but he could not remember which country he visited last week. A four-year-old kid shouted — Ireland.

In another episode, he was reading from some three by five-inch cards. One card said, TURN TO THE NEXT PAGE and like a zombie, he read the instructions dutifully.

In yet another episode, his que cards instructed him to direct his question-and-answer session to a certain  correspondent, and alas, the question and answer were already written on his que cards.  Uncle Joe obeyed dutifully; and in his innocence, confessing that he was supposed to pick such and such a correspondent to ask a question.

It is more pitiful than shameful when age takes its toll.

Former president Ronald Reagan handled such a situation more brilliantly. He would read his que cards and then leave his secretaries of state to answer questions.

Dangerous policies

Nevertheless, the most fearful outcome of this situation is that Biden is being handled by ruthless and shameless men and women who know no boundaries in what the US can do. They have unlearned all the lessons of history, even those of the past ten years.

These neo-cons (war mongers) drew a line in the sand in the Ukraine. They encouraged a little country to be bellicose, challenge and spit in Russia’s face, like a blind man challenging Goliath in the knowledge that he has five stones in his hunting sack.

More, Biden has promised Ukraine that Russia’s president Vladimir Putin will be “regime changed” through the most vicious sanctions ever imposed on a foreign country by the US and its European allies.

Ukraine has been promised  a couple of F-16 Jet fighters and some 30 Abram tanks plus two Leopard refurbished tanks from Germany.

With all their super technology, they failed dismally to dislodge the Taliban in Afghanistan. A secret memo stolen from the Pentagon piles stupidity on stupidity. “Russian forces (are losing) munition stockpiles to a level that, barring an unforeseen recovery, can exhaust Russian units.”

The writer does not acknowledge any contradiction in the following sentence. “Russia has suffered 189, 000 casualties of which 35,000 were killed in action.”

If that is true, “Ukraine has suffered 124,500 casualties, including 15,000 killed in action and 109 000 wounded in action.”  With a population of 143 million and Ukraine  of 44 million, Russia has a long way to go.

But that is not the whole story. Biden, when awake, says Ukraine must win. We ask a simple question. When the Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba, the US declared war until they were removed. Why is the US placing weapons of mass destruction on Russia’s doorstep? In any case, what does winning mean?  Three million Ukrainians have fled the country. As many as 19  million have been displaced. Three battalions (about 70 000 men) have been destroyed. One sixth of their country is now under Russian occupation.

Biden and his cohorts are training Ukrainians to fight to the bitter end. Just recently, these same people trained 380 000 Afghan collaborators to stand up to the Taliban. When their US masters left, the Afghan collaborators vanished into thin air.

The US$100 billion weapons given to Ukraine are supposed to be payable loans. If half their country was destroyed, one wonders, how long it would take to pay back.

The senseless policy of imposing sanctions on Russia has warned noncombatant countries like China, India, and South Africa (BRICS) that if they disagree with the US on any issue, they will be sanctioned. Their reaction, therefore, is to renounce the use of the US dollar as the supreme international currency.

This has the effect of weakening the power of the US dollar everywhere.

Domestic policies

Biden wants a second term as president on the grounds he wants to protect gender minorities. I went to the hospital yesterday, a from I filled asked what gender I was, male, female, or other.

Biden’s policy is called “gender affirmative action.”  Government policy says that there are no less than seven genders. Gender affirmation means that a boy child who wants to be a girl can have his tail cut off and through a medical process of hormone suppression can be transformed into the required gender.

It is complete madness.

Vice president Kamela Harries carried a bag of US69 million package on her African visit, promising free money to whatever country will convert to gay, lesbian, and transgender philosophy.

It is utter madness.

Liam Morrison, a 12-year-old Middlesborough student in Massachusetts, was escorted out of school yesterday. He was wearing a shirt with these words: “There are two genders.”

Liam is charged with three infractions of school policy, “making them feel unsafe,”  “targeting a protected class for  oppression” and thirdly,“disrupting the learning process.:


Poor old Joe says that inflation is  humming nicely at 6%. Gasoline, which determines every other grocery price, was US$2 per gallon (five liters) two years ago. It is now US$3.50 cents. Humans who do grocery shopping say prices have risen by a third (33%).

When old Joe remembers what day of the week it is, where he is, which one, his sister or his wife is which, he says he wants another four years as president.

  •  Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US.

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