Victoria Falls town ready for Econet Victoria Falls Marathon

The Marathon has grown significantly since its inception in 2006, and now attracts participants from around the world every year.

Victoria Falls Mayor, Councillor Prince Thuso Moyo, says the resort town is ready and fully prepared to host the 16th edition of the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon taking place this Sunday, July 07, 2024.

The eagerly anticipated event — now fully established as one of Africa's premier running events —  promises an unforgettable experience, with its scenic routes that showcase the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife surrounding the iconic Victoria Falls.

Mayor Councillor Moyo said the marathon will bring about a substantial economic impact to the region, noting that it serves as a major income earner for the local hotel and tourism industry.

“The Econet Victoria Fall Marathon is a major athletic event which I am told will this year attract over 5 500 participants from around the world each year. As a World Heritage Site, the Falls are the primary source of revenue for the town, and the thousands of athletes coming to the town will engage in other tourist activities thereby boosting the industry,” the Mayor said.

The Marathon has grown significantly since its inception in 2006, and now attracts participants from around the world every year.

In addition to its economic benefits, the marathon plays a pivotal role in promoting Victoria Falls as a top tourist destination. The influx of international visitors not only boosts local businesses but also enhances the resort town’ global profile.

The marathon's route, which includes awe-inspiring views of the Victoria Falls Bridge and great Zambezi River, offers runners an experience to be cherished, that blends the thrill of the race with the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Meanwhile, former Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president and CEO of United Refineries Mr Busisa Moyo noted that the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon presents an opportunity for businesspeople to meet and discuss business opportunities and ideas.

“The marathon presents opportunities for businesspeople to mix and mingle and produce effective results in terms of investment.

“The few hours that these practitioners meet are very impactful, so the marathon is great for the business community and the city of Victoria Falls, which is largely known for its hospitality industry,” he said.

Mr Moyo, who is also the Chairman of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, has in the past participated in several editions of the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon.

The 2024 Marathon, running under the theme ‘Road to Victory’ offers races catering for different categories of runners.

Participants can choose the full marathon (42.2km), the half marathon (21.1km), a collaborative team relay with two runners doing 10.5km each, or the popular 7.5km Family Fun Run.

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