The football rivalry between North and South Korea


The football rivalry between North and South Korea is a reflection of the broader geopolitical tensions and historical conflicts that have defined the Korean Peninsula for decades. By the way, you can also make a fast bet on 1xBet on matches of those 2 national teams too. This rivalry goes beyond the football pitch and carries significance that cover aspects like:


  • cultural;
  • political;
  • and social.


One of the most iconic moments in this rivalry occurred during the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England. Speaking about the FIFA World Cup, bettors can also make a fast bet on the 1xBet website whenever this competition is held too.


North Korea, making their World Cup debut, defeated Italy in a shocking upset, causing celebrations in the South as well as surprise and dismay in the international community. However, North Korea's journey was cut short by Portugal, and South Korea's presence was also felt in the tournament. These events highlighted the fierce competition between the two Koreas and captured the world's attention.

Deep love for their teams

In the world of football, matches between North and South Korea are much more than just sporting events. Don’t forget to visit - all football betting can be made on matches between those football teams too.


They are loaded with political and ideological symbolism. The two countries often use these games as a platform to assert their national pride and compete for international recognition. The atmosphere surrounding these matches can be highly charged, with fans displaying patriotic fervor and intense emotions. Right now you can make all football betting on 1xBet on other great national teams from Asia too.

A glimpse of hope

The rivalry has also seen instances of sports diplomacy, where football matches have been used as a means to foster communication and cooperation between the two Koreas. For example, in 2018, the women's teams of North and South Korea played a historic match in Pyongyang as part of a broader thaw in relations. This event served as a symbol of hope for improved inter-Korean relations. Right now you can go to 1xBet - profitable cricket bets can be made alongside great football wagers too.


Despite the ongoing tensions and divisions, football can serve as a unifying force. In rare moments, the shared love for the sport has transcended political boundaries, offering a glimpse of what reconciliation and reunification could look like on the Korean Peninsula. There are profitable cricket bets and football wagers at 1xBet, where football matches from Korea can also be wagered.

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